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cynthia334 - April 20

silly question... do you put your baby to bed with a blanket covering? (in a basinette)Even if he/she is wearing a warm sleeper and the temperature is right in your house? just curious


SonyaM - April 20

Nope, not anymore. I live in Texas though and it has already been REALLY warm here. We do have our air on but we put baby in a sleeper and he is fine. When it was cold here (all three days) we used a sleep blanket.


pbj - April 21

No. I've never put a blanket on my LO. I put her in pj's then I put her in a sleep sack. She can't kick it off or get if wound around her head. We live in Florida so we always have the air conditioner on, I have to keep something on her.


Jamie - April 21

Yes. We live in Germany, and it gets REALLY REALLY cold at night. So I always use a blanket, even when she's in a sleeper. The last week or so, it's finally warm enough at night to not need one.


Leahp - April 21

When she was tiny I would put the sleeping sack on her, but now that she's six months and can move around and manipulate things in her crib I put a blanket on her and tuck it in between the matress and crib, plus she likes to nuzel with it!


cynthia334 - April 21

Thank you for all your advice. My baby is 2 months. I live in canada so it does get cold but the house is always at the right temperature for it. I never use a blanket. Just didnt know whether i should...thank you


Rabbits07 - April 21

I don't uses blankets because of a bad experience. When my fourth baby was only a few months old I heard him cry out one night just once. I decided to go check on him anyway and thank God that I did. His blanket had somehow gotten wound around his head. I had never been so terrified in my life.He was snorting and jerking his little head back and forth trying to get it off. I will never forget that.


Emy - April 21

I use one but tuck the sides under the matress so she cant kick it off..and i never pull it higher that her armpits so her arms usually hang over them. Rabbit, how scary! So glad he was okay!



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