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CarolA - March 6

After giving birth, i didn't really bleed that much, and after a couple of days it was just light brown/yellowish and i thought it was stopping..but this week its turned red again, and its heavier. Ive been having some pain in my stomach, not sharp pain, it just feels a little sore when i bend over and pick up my son. I dont know if i should go back to the doctor or if ive just strained something and need to rest for a couple of days. (i posted under pp too but nobody answers there)


TRP - March 6

How many weeks pp are you?


CarolA - March 6

three on wed.


MJM - March 6

I think I bled for what had seemed like forever. Then it stopped for a day or 2 and then my "real" period started. So this is what it may be. Sometimes it takes a little long for things to make there way out.


Happy Mom - March 6

I bled for a week after and then at 6 weeks pp I was doing too much and not resting enough and I spotted for two days until I rested more. I had thought it was my period at first but I haven't had it since and I'm not pregnant, I took a test. Mabye you are trying to do too much. Rest and see if you feel better.


Corissa - March 6

My doctor told me I would bleed on and off for the whole six weeks. The pain may be your uterus shrinking down. You may want to call your doc for a little rea__surance.


rl - March 6

I bleed for like 6wks off and on and sometimes it was bright red but I have been to the doctor for my 6wk check up and all is fine...I finally have stopped bleeding and am pretty much back to normal


ElizabethL. - March 8

I had a normal delivery and I bled for about seven or eight weeks. I would have very light bleeding for a while and then it would become heavier. The first time it got heavier I freaked out and called my o.b. I thought i was hemorraging or something crazy because it went from being light to very red and heavy anyway, the Dr. said that there are "pockets" around the uterus and as the uterus constricts back to its normal size these pockets will release blood that has pooled there.She said that if you are soaking more than one maxi pad every three hours or so there might be more of a problem, if you are concerned call your doctor.


Lillie E - March 8

well, for me, whenever i would get up and out of the house to do something i would usually bleed more and i would have those kind of pains. i don't know if you've become more active, but thats what caused me to bleed more.



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