Bleeding Not Sure If It S My Period

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amanda17 - July 5

Hi my dd is 4 and a half weeks, and I stopped bleeding from the delivery at about three weeks... it was on and off very lightly since two weeks. Now all the sudden I've started bleeding again. I'm not sure if it's my period or just the blood continuing. It's brown and a little too light to be a period. Any ideas?


DDT - July 6

It coud be your period or a continutation of your PP bleeding. Do you bleed more so when you are active or is it constant bleeling like a period. Watch to see if it follows the way a normal period would happen (aka heavy first couple of days and gradually getting lighter). But it is possible to ovulate this early and if you don't plan on getting preggers again this soon I would try be as safe as possible.


amanda17 - July 6

Ah alright, thank you. I'm pretty sure it's the postpartum bleeding continuing then. When should I be expecting it to stop?


kimberly - July 10

Amanda with my first I bled for 8 weeks! But, with my second it was 5 weeks and then with my third it was only 3 weeks. You could continue to bleed for a while still. Your normal af if not b___stfeeding should return at 4 to 6 weeks pp. If you are b___stfeeding it may not return until you stop.


margie - July 10

i bled for about 6 weeks or so post partum with my daughter. i had bleeding externally for a little while even after that for longer from a tear up to my urethra, i kept thinking i had a UTI because of pain on urination and the blood but then i asked around and figured out that it was a tear, once it healed the bleeding finally stopped but i was at least 8 weeks by then...maybe even later! so if you had a v____al birth it could even be external tears your not aware of that could be opening up slightly when you urinate or something


amanda17 - July 10

I did tear a little... I told my doctor and he said just sit in warm water and it will heal pretty quickly so I've been doing that. I'm still bleeding other than that though, and I know that because the blood is two different colors.



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