Blowing Raspberries

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tryingx3 - March 14

Whatever you call it! My dd is blowing raspberries on my neck, my arm, my husbands neck, arm. It is so funny - she is just about to turn 6 months!


Perl - March 14

Hee hee, how cute!! My little guy is just learning how to b__w his lips and say "brrrr" I say it with him and b__w on his tummy and he just gets this serious look on his face then laughs. I can't wait till he starts b__wing raspberries on us too.


tryingx3 - March 15

Hi Perl! She was b__wing on my husbands arm as he was b__w drying her hair this morning - YES - we have to "style" her hair before going to daycare! ha ha


Kristin11 - March 15

lol you dd used to love doing this when she was eating, talk about messy!!


Perl - March 15

Wow, she must have a lot of hair! My little guy is still a peach fuzz head. Raspberries during feeding--woa I didn't even consider that so I should prepare for that. Trying: do you find that Katie is watching you while you eat like she wants to have some. Sometimes I eat with little Pete on my lap and if I didn't know any better I'd swear he's opening his mouth as if asking for me to put a spoonful of salad or whatever in his mouth. Of course I won't let him try anything before his time but I almost feel rude eating in front of him.


luviduvi - March 15

Uggh! Rasberries are cute until they find if they do it w/ food in their mouths it goes everywhere! hee


LollyM - March 16

aww, cute! my dd is 7 months and does stuff like that. those little lips are so soft! =)


k.p.j.e. - March 16

lol i think it's called raspberries when they just put their tongue out and make the noise, but when they do it on you, on your arm or wherever, we call it a zerberrt. Either way it is so cute and hilarious! My son does it on my pregnant tummy and cracks himself up!


Kristin11 - March 16

Perl i used to put on a old t-shirt before feeding my dd because i knew that i would be getting a bath lol. I tell you what jarred sweet potatoes and carrots stain too!! I caught her on video doing it too lol.


Perl - March 18

Great tips from experienced mom sure do help. Old t-shirts I'll get them ready.



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