Blue Eyed Babies

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bbm - July 4

My son has blue eyes and he's 3 months old. I think he inherited them from my husband's side. How long before we know? When do they change if they will? Right now they're not a bright blue but another child in the family was the same way and now his eyes are very bright blue.


livdea - July 4

my nephew had blue eyes until he was a bit over they are dark brown! I think it all depends but it could take up to a year for them to change completely!


krista-lee - July 4

their eye color usually stays the same after their second year. my cousin had blue eyes till he was 1 1/2 and then they darkened to brown


Jenn2 - July 4

My sister ( when she was little) was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. She now has light brown hair and hazel eyes. Hers changed between 1 and 2 years old.


sahmof3 - July 4

All three of mine had blue eyes at birth and all changed to brown (my poor blue-eyed dh was very disappointed). The boys (#'s 1 & 3) changed within 2 months. My daughter's changed at about 9 months- hers are the lightest brown of the bunch- in fact they are greenish when she cries.


SonyaM - July 4

My oldest son's eyes were blue until he was about one. We were very sad when the changed to brown. Oh well.


Rabbits07 - July 5

It is hard to tell until they are older. I've got 6 which all started out with blue eyes. My first daughter's changed to green by 6 weeks. My oldest son had one blue eye and one green eye at 3 years old...the dr. told us they would match up evenly eventually and they finally both turned green at around 4 years old. Third child was green before one year. My fourth's stayed a beautiful bright blue and the fifth's turned green before 1 year. I am hoping that DS's (now 3 months) will stay blue...nothing against green, but we have enough of those!! LOL. Dh's are green with specks of blue (my youngest daughter and oldest son's also have specks of blue). My eyes are hazel. I had hoped to have a brown eyed baby at some point, but with dh being green and mine being hazel, I'm not sure it's possible. I don't know if hazel is considered in the dominate brown family or recessive blue. Anyone else know?


jas - July 5

I would have to say recessive blue.... I have brown eyes, my dh has brown eyes. My first son was the fourth pregnancy to make it full term - he has hazel eyes. My dad has blue eyes and my dh grandfather has blue eyes - everyone else is brown.


Rabbits07 - July 5

Well, I guess my brown eyed baby is out of the question then :-(


JLO - July 6

heres is a funny one, dh has brown eyes, brown hair, and carmel skin, i have brown eyes dark bron hair and olive skin, dd was born with blue eyes, light blond hair, and porcelin skin, anybody figure that one out please let me know!


jas - July 6

Milkman?? (That's what my dh says about our hazel eyed wonder.... see my post above)


Annette - July 6

Does anyone know if eyes can get lighter in color??? DH has blue eyes, I have hazel. My 5mo son has the darkest brown I have even seen in a baby, and the only one in my family who has that color is my mom, my dad has green and all dh´s family, blue.


Rabbits07 - July 6

okay then...apparently hazel eyes are of the dominant brown trait as two people with the recessive blue trait cannot have a brown eyed baby. So there is hope for me to get a brown-eyed baby! Annette, I have never heard of brown eyes turning blue, only vice-versa, but that doesn't mean it's not possible...I just have never heard.


Kim L - July 6

Hey I just learned something new! According to USA Today, two blue-eyed parents CAN produce a brown-eyed child. Here is some text from the article: "Most of us learned the model for determining eye color that G.C. Davenport and C.B. Davenport devised in 1907. The Davenport model wrongly says brown eye color is always dominant over blue eye color, which means that two blue-eyed parents always have blue-eyed kids. We know better now. 'Although not common, two blue-eyed parents can produce children with brown eyes,' says Richard A. Sturm, a Principal Research Fellow at the Inst_tute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Eye color is a complex trait that depends on the state of several interacting genes. The gene that usually decides the issue (blue eyes or brown eyes) is the OCA2 gene on chromosome 15. But it comes in different strengths. A person with a weak form of the OCA2 gene will have blue eyes. Likewise a person with a strong form will have brown eyes. The plot thickens, though, because an individual also has other eye-color genes that each has a say in the final eye-color outcome. For example, if one of these lesser genes is strong, it can make the weak form (blue) of OCA2 work much more effectively — almost like the strong form (brown). Then the eye color may be a light brown or muddy grey. In fact, the resulting color can be any shade of brown, hazel/green, or blue depending on the strengths of the interactions."


HannahBaby - July 6

my daughter had sky blue eyes until just recently (shes 18 months) Now they are a greenish color like mine. My husband and his father and 2 sister all have baby blue eyes so i thought for sure that she would stay that way, but they didnt. I knew she wouldent have brown eyes though. No one in his family has brown eyes and im the only one in my family without brown eyes.


Rabbits07 - July 6

KimL, I checked out that article and that is interesting...(I was just going by what I learned in high school biology)....Why does it not surprise me that even the rules of genetics can change in this day and time? So, now since I know that it is totally possible either way I am wondering after all these green and blue eyed babies....where is my brown-eyed baby???!!!


Kim L - July 6

Rabbits: I know me too! They always said it was impossible. Of course now that I think about it, it really does make more sense that genetics are incredibly complicated and that there are many genes of varying strengths that influence eye color. I am sure if you just keeping popping those babies out you're bound to get some brown eyes!!! ;-)



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