BM Once A Day At Six Weeks

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Suzanne - June 2

Is it normal for a six week old to have a BM only once a day at six weeks? He used to have like six a day. Also, it used to be yellow and now it is green. He is formula fed. He started having bad gas last week so I gave him those infant gas drops. Is this normal?


numba1cutie6t9 - June 2

my ittle ones only 3 weeks and he only has one BM a day. DId u used to b___st feed? b___st fed babies have yellow stool and formula fed is usually green/brown


YC - June 2

My dd has had one BM a day since about 4 weeks. She had several at first but I was b___stfeeding and supplementing with formula. I eventually had to switch to just formula at about 2 weeks old. Now that we have started solids she is going about 2x a day again. Sounds fine to me.


pbj - June 2

I would say that is totally normal. Formula fed babies bm's can vary in color, as long as they're not black and/or pellet like. My dd would only poop every other day at that age, so I would say your LO is doing very well. You can help keep gas under control as well by making sure he's burped good after feeding and that the nipple of his bottle is always filled with fluid and not air. Also I found that a lot of moms shake their LO's bottles to mix just before giving it to their babies, this creates too many air bubbles, try to always prepare several bottles ahead of time so it gives the air bubbles time to settle. But gas is totally normal, but still I sware those gas drops don't work with a darn.


Annette - June 2

And it gets better. At 10 weeks my son, who is b___stfed, started pooping once every two or three days. Agree with pbj, the gas drops are overrated; what has worked with my LO to get rid of gas is lay him belly down on my lap.


ca_pink - June 2

Yes, that's totally normal.


Rabbits07 - June 3

That is normal. My ds used to have 8 or more bm's a day and now he is down to 1 a day at 9 weeks.


Amy_mommy - June 3




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