Boiled Filtered Water

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Bonnie - December 7

Just curious, do you have to boil water if you use filtered or bottled when making formula?


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 7

I use nursery water and I do not boil it.


momma - December 7

i boiled it until my dd was 6 m if it is city water you might be ok without doings so (check first) if it well water definatly boil it


Narcissus - December 7

It depends on the filter you have. Even some water filtered by Brita needs to be boiled. I would test your water with a state lab if you think there is reason to worry. I have never heard of bottled water needing to be boiled. It's always the recommended thing when your water supply is unsafe.


Bonnie - December 7

We just have plain old city water, and yeah I use one of those Brita water pitchers to filter. I wasn't sure if that is enough as boiling sounds like a pain in the ***. :P I thought bottled water might be an option as well. ......What exactly is it that we are trying to avoid in the water? One video I had said you don't need to boil water but everything else I have read says you do, so I am a little confused and haven't thought to ask the doc yet. thanks!


kris A. - December 7

I use bottled water and it is so convenient, especially at night. In our hospital they didn't heat the ready made 2 ounce bottles, so when we got home she doesn't accept warm formula. We have a bottled water cooler/heater in the kitchen, and every night I take her bottles for the night, fill them with water and put their nipples on, then put them in her basket full of diapers, wipes, formula, and water. At night I dont even get out of bed, just reach over for a bottle, put the formula in, shake and feed. Burp, diaper change, and we are back to sleep without getting up... doc says no problem, and completely convenient.


Bonnie - December 7

Kris, interesting idea! lol You don;t get out of bed to change the diaper either? Since I plan to bottle feed I can definately use the tips :D


Narcissus - December 7

I also changed my son's diaper in bed. I kept three diapers under my pillow:) Bonnie, there are a whole bunch of nasties that one might boil water to kill off. Chances are your cities water is safe and there is no need to boil it. Some babies may be more sensitive to bacteria that most bodies can kill off without us even feeling ill. I never boiled our water and my son fattened up like a turkey.


kris - December 7

Hi Bonnie - this is my fourth and I have streamlined the process as much as possible :) Yep, I diaper change in bed too... the trick is put a changing pad under baby's bum - or you'll be changing sheets often! I keep my wipes and diapers in the basket, and check her pants before feeding. I feed her all but her last ounce of formula before I change her, cause she normally pees or poos while she's eating. Then when she is drowsy and almost done eating, I change her using the pad and moving fast...I sit up cross legged in bed, put the pad in front of me on the bed, unswaddle her, move fast, change the diaper, close it, then toss it in the plastic liner, then the garbage pail next to the bed. Then she's worked up again (hey, she's modest and doesn't appreciate the process) but there is another ounce of formula to lull her back to sleep without stimulating her to pee/poo. One last burp and she is full and clean. I may be stuck up for a while as sometimes she's a night owl... but sometimes I get lucky and right back to bed. I also have her ba__sinet right next to the bed so I just have to reach over and lift her into the bed without getting up. Am I lazy or what? :)


FF - December 7

I boil my water b/c it's from a well, but at first I was paying for the nursery water... one day I read the teeny tiny print on the bottom "not sterile, please boil"- so I thought why pay for it if I have to boil it anyway?! My son does fine on our water. I boil enough for the whole next day before I go to bed.


Zack's mom - December 7

I boiled my filtered water


Karen - December 7

I use gerber baby wate and boil it for five mins before use. Not taking any chances.


To FF - December 8

What brand of nursery water did you read that on? I never saw that before, but then I have not bought nursery water in a long time. That is crazy! That so defeats the purpose of nursery water.


TC - December 8

BTW, That post above was me. I don't want to be anomynous ;p


Jamie - December 8

This is why I b___stfeed. :) Too much ha__sle trying to figure out if I need to boil the water or not!!!


Zack's mom - December 8

To Jamie ~ I envy those who can b___stfeed. But I guess b___stfeeding does not workout for some people. Anyway.. not regrets... Zack and I seem to be more happier switching to bottle.


Jamie - December 8

Zack's mom - I'm sorry that it didn't work for you, but I'm glad that you and your son are happy with the bottles. My daughter won't take one, which is a real ha__sle when I want to have someone babysit.



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