Boiling Baby S Bottles

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lilmomma88 - July 12

Does anyone else boil their baby's bottles every time you wash them? My mom told me I need to boil them every time, so I have been. Of coarse I always boil the nipples and peice that keeps the nipple on, but is it really necessary to boil the bottles every time?


miami_loca - July 12

how old is your baby?


JAI - July 12

I was doing this and boiling the water for my son for 6 months, when I asked my doctor when I should stop, he laughed and told me I could have stopped after 6 weeks. So for the last 2 months I wash the bottles, nipples etc in the dishwasher then just rerinse them after and I use bottled water for his feeding.


TinaMarie - July 12

I used to boild everytime too. A friend of my recommended the playex bottles w/ the drop in liners, they are AWESOME!! They make life so much easier! Just thought I would suggest it.


SonyaM - July 12

We just wash the bottles in hot soapy water and use bottled water. That's it. If ds is sick then we sterlize the bottles/ nipples but otherwise we just wash them and move on.


melissa g. - July 12

my ped said i didnt even have to use bottled or boiled water -- tap was fine


Bonnie - July 12

The books nowadays say you do not need to. That being said, Mason came down with Thrush at 2 weeks so I got paranoid after that. I just used a microwave steamer. I stopped sterilizing at 3 months. I also switched to the drop ins which I love.


lilmomma88 - July 12

Thank you guys for all the input. My son is 2 weeks old... I also have the drop-ins, but my son doesn't really like them...he fusses while feeding when I use them


TinaMarie - July 12

Since you do not like the drop in I will say my doc said the same thing that JAI said that it is not nessicary after 6 weeks. I was crazy about things so I kept boiling them until I switched to the drop ins at 2 months.


rl - July 12

well I was told that it is better not to boil the bottles or nipples just wash in hot water due to the fact the baby does need to build up immunities to things in the my baby is 6moths old and doing great!!


cae - July 12

I only boiled the bottles and nipples if they are brand new. Otherwise, I have never boiled them. I use soap and very hot water and let them soak for a good half hour, then wash them. Once a week I will put them in the dishwasher. I have never boiled his water though. My doctor said tap water is fine.


Nick - July 12

I only boiled the bottles when they were first bought. Once or twice a week I run them through the dishwasher to sterilize them, otherwise I just wash them in hot soapy water.


jas - July 12

Whew - thought I was the only one Cae... I have not boiled anything except for the first time use. I either wash by hand to it goes in the dishwasher.


flower.momma - July 13

I never boiled anything either. I've heard that super-cleanliness can create a situation in which your child never has contact with germs, and doesn't build as strong of an immune system. I am a relaxed momma, and at 19 months, my dd rarely gets sick.


charliepaulchloe - July 13

this all sounds very strange to me, here in uk we are told to sterilize bottles etc after every use until about 12 months old, i had an electric sterilizer that took 3 minutes (after washing them in soapy water of course).


lilmomma88 - July 13

Hmm..thanks everyone. I think i'm going to quit boiling them and just wash them in hot soapy water. I probably will continue to sterilize the nipples though.


emilysmommy - July 13

I only boil the nipples when they are brand new. Everything else I wash with hot soapy water and a bottle brush. I've always used tap water for her formula. My dd is 5 1/2 months old and hasn't been sick yet thank goodness...(knock on wood!!!)



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