Boo At The Zoo

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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 23

Here at the Little Rock Zoo during Halloween we have Boo at the Zoo, you can go and take your kids, all the workers are dressed up, they have a haunted house, train rides, food, etc. We took Amaya tonight and she was so funny! We put her in a costume contest. She went as Pebbles, she didn't win, but she was so funny, a little boy that went as a scarecrow won. I will be putting some pictures of her on her website tonight. Take a look! you can see her in full costume! Oh yeah, the point of this post was, Any of you that have babies that are at least 5 months old and not sure if they will enjoy this, Amaya loved it. It is so dark and all they can see are the lights. She giggled and talked the whole time we were there. I highly recommend going to a fun house or hay ride where you will get to see pumpkins lit up.


Eryn - October 23

That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to take my daughter on outings and celebrate holidays with her. She's only 6 weeks and has a bit of colic so it's hard to even take her to the grocery store.


Eryn - October 23

Oh My God! I just looked at her website and she is sooo darn cute. I can't believe she didn't win the contest. She is absolutly adorable.


Shelly - October 24

Amaya looks adorable,i totally agree with you,i like the bone a lot better than the wig.I can't believe she didn't win!!!


q - October 24

they have something like that here in Suamico (WI) too it does sound like fun but i think ill wait till next year to go to that


Narcisuss - October 24

That sounds like fun. I will check to see if our zoo is doing something like that. I can't wait for Halloween!!! We bought candy yesterday but could not find a costume for Aja.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 24

I know what u mean Narcisuss. I had to go to a specialty shop to find Amayas. There are alot of cute costumes, but so many of them are so predictable. I have never been a mickey mouse or pooh or looney toons fan so I dont htink Amaya will ever be anything like that. I dont know why I dont like it but for some reason the whole time I was pregnant I didnt want any clothes, bedding, bibs, anything to be any type of cartoon, and for some reason you either have cartoon people or animals for halloween costumes. They are cute but I didnt want Amaya to look like every other kid there. I couldnt decide between Pebbles and Humpty Dumpty. They were both very cute but when it came down to it Pebbles was just cheaper (by $25) Anyway when you figure out what he is going to be let us know!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 24

OK I just read my post and I think I contradicted myself. Amaya is a cartoon character this year. What I meant was that I dont like the typical baby stuff. Thats all.



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