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alinadaud - December 30

I am going to be a first time mom in June. I am starting to feel nervous about what to DO when the baby gets here. I feel lost. I am looking for a good guide book. Also, any good recommendations for new dads? My husband is interested in reading as well.


excited2bemama - December 31

I love the girlfriends guide books by Vicki Iovine... The girlfriens guide to pregnancy, the girlfriends guide to surving the first year of motherhood, etc.. There are lots of them. Also the happiest baby on the block books are good and Dr. Sears books. If you plan on b___stfeeding La leche leagues The womanly art of b___stfeeding is very good.


c_baer19 - December 31

I would definitnely say 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' - it's a great book full of answers to almost every question you'll have, and they even have a section for dads to read about fatherhood. Great book! I'm still using it occasionally, and my DD is 5 months old.


Val - December 31

A great book for dads is "Be Prepared - A Practical Handbook for New Dads". It covers stuff like how to hold the baby and such. It's funny and helpful and easy to read, especially those first few weeks after the baby comes and he'll hardly have time to read anything. If you like reading in general, a good book is "Our Babies, Ourselves" - it's not a how-to book, but it's a cross-cultural look at how babies are raised. As a general how-to book, I like Dr. Sears' Baby Book. Good luck!


cubbie - December 31

I'm a big fan of the baby whisperer, I think she's an absolute genius. Get the first series to read before you give birth - "secrets of the baby whisperer" she talks about the different types of babies, how to start creating sensible eating and sleeping from day one. The 3rd series - "the baby whisperer solves all your problems by teaching you to ask the right questions" is another must have.


wailing - January 1

I loved "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Children". Really helped me figure out what to do w/ schedules and nap time. I was sooo confused. Also, get the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. Great to see how to swaddle correctly. And my all time fav is Baby 411. All really quick reads on all subjects and great reference book.


wailing - January 1

Oops **** I meant "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" Sorry...mommy brain:0


maryg - January 1

We love" The Baby Book" by Dr Sears. It's the one we've ended up using the most!


Gretta - January 1

Your baby's first year week by week is good too as a secondary book.


cubbie - January 2

Also What to expect - the first year is full of helpful info


alliecat - January 2

I'm a first time mom (as of November) and I have What to Expect - The First years and Your Baby's First Year - Week by Week. I have found both of those books really really helpful.



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