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waiting100 - January 27

I have an almost 10 mo old ds. For the past two weeks we both have had a horrible cold--chest congestion, cough, runny nose, achey. On top of that my ds's two top teeth are popping thru and he has an ear ache. So, as you can imagine it has not been the easiest two weeks! We have been cooped up inside our house for two weeks!! He and I have been so sick I do not want to take him anywhere, I just want us both to get better! It has been freezing cold where I live, and today it is raining. We both are going stir crazy! I took him on a walk twice in the past 2 weeks just to get out of the house and get him some fresh air, but he gets so fussy in his stroller so quickly and his nose just runs!! I think I am getting depressed due to the sickness and not leaving the house. We are so bored--we have played with every toy, pot, pan, watched dvd's, sing, dance -- I just dont know what else to do with my poor ds! Does anyone have any ideas? I have no family that lives near me, I have one best friend who I see often but cuz of the sickness we have not seen her for two weeks. My husband is self employed and therefore is NEVER home - it is just me and ds all of the time. He looks at me like, "mom, I am so bored!" or "mom, cant we go and visit someone?" but like I said I only have one good friend where I live. I am trying to stay positive and look forward to summer--anyone have any ideas on what I can do to keep ds entertained--we are both still sick and have no idea when we are going to get better. Thanks ladies!


Lisastar9 - January 27

I would sday a visit to the dr's should be on onre of your list of things to do. Having a cold for two weeks is a long time. Do you have a snugli or other baby carrier,if you do go for a walk holding him he might like it better. Even if it is only down the block and home again. My belief you can't stop living when kids are sick get out and walk in the store window shop. Hope you feel better.


K8 - January 27

Sorry to hear about your hard few weeks, have you done some painting? getting some non toxic paints and covering the floor or table with news paper and foot and hand painting is always fun! we did it the other day. I sticky taped the newspaper down on the table and we went crazy! then we had a bath together to get clean and her masterpiece is beautiful :) Also we love to play under the hose but i guess its a bit cold for you. Well i hope you both get well soon.


waiting100 - January 28

Thanks ladies--yes, ds has been to the dr. 3 times, he is on antibiotics for the earache--i just went to dr this morning and now I am on antibiotics. So, hopefully we are both on the mends. Any more winter time play ideas would be great. I used to bring him to the gym and he would play in daycare but now I am so afraid of him catching something!!!!! Should I take him anyway and pray he doesnt get sick again, or just wait until all this cold/flu season is over??



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