Bored Baby

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Jadyns Mommy - July 9

Hello, Jadyn is 2 months now and starting to look for things to entertain her and gets bored easily. My house literally looks like a Babies R Us with swings, bouncy chairs, basinetts, rockers, playmats, ect everywhere you look and she could care less about any of them. After about 2-3 minutes in any of them, she starts to fuss. Whats difficult is that she barely naps during the day so I end up holding her for about 12 hours a day until her father comes home and offers to hold her while I get all the things done that I was unable to while holding her. I have taught myself how to do alot of my daily activities one handed because I am carrying her around all day. I am actually holding her right now and typing one handed!!! Dont get me wrong, I dont mind holding her but I keep hearing from family that it is bad for her and going to spoil her. I feel like she is even getting tired of playing with me and desperately wants something new to interest her but I have already invested hundreds of $$$ in things that are collecting dust. Has anyone ever had this problem and have any suggestions on what I can do to make her happy or is she just too young right now and just needs to be held by her mommy (like I keep telling all the in-laws, hehe)?


Brittany - July 9

My son didn't mind his swing, bouncer, etc. But I held him anyways since the day he came home from the hospital, I probably held him 22 hours of the day...thats because I slept with him IN my arms (I am being serious too). EVERYONE said I was spoiling him. He is almost 10 months now and he is the happiest baby I have ever come in contact with (I am the oldest child, I have 5 younger sis's and 2 younger bros). My son smiles at everyone! For my own mother to tell me that I am raising him better than she ever could raise her kids is kind of amazing. My family gives me so much credit because he is just a pure happy baby. You can't spoil a baby, they say babies don't know things but a baby needs to feel the warmth and love of a mother. Trust me, you may not be able to do things around the house in the day but it's worth it to have a special bond with your daughter. One day she will be telling you to shut up and to get out of her life...cherish her precious pink cheeks while you still can...thats what I always say. Maybe all the things you do with her are boring because her eyes are still the red, black, and white colors, maybe that'll help. When someone would tell me, "you are spoiling him." I didn't care, I was creating a bond with my son...and it worked. As you said, your holding her as you type, I used to do the same son loves the computer these days, he types away haha. A mothers relationship with her child is beautiful.


Toya - July 10

I haven't bought a lot of things for my daughter, Asjani. She is 9 weeks old and I find that she likes simple mirrors...books...and observing. The only toy she has is a rattle and she is finally learning that she is the one making the rattle shake. Just keep trying different things...not buying different things...but put her in different places of the house. Do you give her tummy time?


Jadyns Mommy - July 10

Yep, we have tummy time everyday and I am playing with her all over the house. I really cant be upset that she prefers to be in my arms rather than an overpriced swing, I just want to make sure that it wont hurt her if I hold her all day and from your response Brittany, I see that it wont and will just enjoy her in my arms and her hot breath on my neck when she pa__ses out on my shoulder (god i love that). Thank you Brittany and Toya for your responses :-)



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