Borth Control Confused

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^lucy^ - June 28

hi all, i had my baby 40 days ago and yesterday i had an appointment with my OB for check-up.. i asked her about birth control and she suggested 2 ways.. 1) if me and hubby want 1 to 1 1/2 years without another baby, then i go for pills - i can only take 1 kind cz i br___tfeed.. 2) if we want to keep more than 1 1/2 years without another baby, she recommended the loop.. im a person with a very bad memory so im scared that i might forget to take the pill for a day and then get pregnant again,, not that it will be a bad thing, but we're planning to keep more than 3 years between our babies for financial and other reasons.. so i prefer the loop but im a bit scared from the idea cz i dont know what it is, how do they insert it, and if its effective.. can anyone with experience or knowledge tell me about it please? is it painful? thanks a lot for the help :)


jas - June 28

What's the loop? I have not heard of that one... I have the Merina IUD... Other then light spotting, I think it's awesome and it didn't hurt. I have the memory of a teesee fly so the pills wouldn't do me a darn bit of good...


^lucy^ - June 28

yes i think its called the IUD, sorry i got the wrong term for it.. anyway, i was told its entered by a tube and its kind of metal i think.. its 99% guaranteed if it doesnt slip or anything.. do they drug u when they put it in? or its not painful so they dont? do u have to stay in hospital for sometime or do u go out same day? if u want to get pregnant, can u get it removed easily and it won't affect u getting pregnant? thanks :)


snugglybugglys - June 28

It's not painful...I had a little bit of cramping after I got mine, but that didn't last long. I took tylenol when I got home, and was fine. I did get pregnant with my Mirena though. When they did the US it was in perfect position. But I'm a fertile freak. :) Anyway the baby miscarried VERY early. So I don't know if it's from the miscarriage or from the IUD, but it took me about 6 months to get pregnant after that. My periods became very irregular after, so I got on the pill for 2 months, and right after I stopped them, and was regular again, I got prego just 2 weeks after. Good luck with your desicion. :)


Heather F - June 28

OMG - snuggly you got preggers with mirena....that scares me because I have one and don't want any more babies!


^lucy^ - June 28

thanks for the info ladies i really appreciate ur quick responses :) my mom got pregnant with my sis as well with an IUD and a cousin also.. anyway, one more question please, how long does it take for the whole process to be done? 15 minutes? an hour?



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