Bottle And Gas Question

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Audrey - February 9

Hello!! Just wondering if any of you all tried the evenflo bottles and how did they work for you..I have a 8 week old son, and those seem to be the only nipples he likes...Problem is he gets alot of gas, any suggestions on how to ease his gas, Could it be his formula?


brooke - March 23

my son is also 8 wks old and for some reason he only likes the evenflo bottles as well...he also was getting lots of gas. I thought it may have been the formula too. But i kept him on the formula and when i saw that he was pushing alot and crying I would make him tea. Chammomile tea, let it boil untill it gets a little dark then just give him 2 oz with a pinch of sugar. As you feed him it you you will here the gas coming out. But try to give it to him at night because it makes them sleepy.


Kelly K - March 23

They make gas drops for babies. I would do that before giving them tea. I just put a few drops in the bottle and the gas is gone within the time it takes her to eat.


jessb - March 23

I have tried the evenflo comfi bottles b/c someone gave them to me as a gift. I dont like them. The milk comes out way too fast, even with the slow flow nipples. And the tops leak even though I put them on very tightly. If its coming out too fast this could be the reason he gets gas, they have to gulp it down and they swallow air. Maybe try a different bottle with a similar nipple shape that way it feels like the same thing to him. thats just my experience with the even flo bottle, maybe I got a bad box though....


Heidi - March 23

I agree with Jessb....I have them too and never use them. They milk comes out way too fast. I just use the bottles to transport my b___stmilk for daycare. Otherwise I can't use them. I use the Playtex Nurser system and that's all that works for my little one. Everything else comes out way too fast even for the slow flow.


Nerdy Girl - March 23

My son had HORRIBLE gas problems. We did 3 things that made a world of difference. 1) the gas drops (Mylicon or Little Tummys) 2) switch to Enfamil Gentlease formula 3) swtich to Dr. Brown's bottles. He was like a different kid once we did those three things, happy as a clam.


lullabelle - March 23

The ONLY bottle that works is Playtex drop-ins. Get them as soon as you can. You have to refill them with the plastic liners but is the only bottle that will not give your child that painful ga__s. PROMISE! Good luck let me know how it works. My son is 8 months old and I tried switching back to one of the other many bottles I got for gifts and showers....Playtex Drop-Ins are the only ones that will not give my son gas. Good luck and God bless.


lullabelle - March 23

Do not give your child meds if you can prevent with proper bottle!


pbj - March 24

Like nerdy girl said...I switched dd to gentlease when she was 5 wks old (she's now 4 mths) and I also use the playtex nursers and they work great. NB are going to have some gas, but as long as they're expelling it, you're fine. I've also heard that the Dr Browns bottles work great too, but I've never used them. I don't use the mylicon drops, they didn't work worth a darn on my daughter.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 24

I use the playtex nurser bottles also. I would never use anything else, because you can acutally get some of the air out unlike other bottles. I used other bottles with my first daughter and she constantly got belly aches. As soon as I switched bottles, she was fine.



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