Bottle Brands

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Angie in MI - March 31

What type of bottle do you use? Do you like it? Why or why not?


psychology - March 31

gerber bottles...the air seems to get out the bottle well. I was using a three hole nipple though...and just figured out I need a slower kind nipple...


Sarahsmommy - March 31

I use the vent-aire wide neck, it makes switching from b___st to bottle easy, plus you can take the bottom off so it's super easy to clean, I love them and with future child will use them even if for some reason I can't bf.


MJM - March 31

I used regular vent aires with my dd 5 yrs ago. With my 12 wk old son I am using the Vent-aire natural shape. I love them. I recomend them to everyone. Easy to clean, and he loves them.


pbj - March 31

I use the playtex nursers. I really love them, they are the only ones I've used that allow you to get all the air out and since you have to use liners you don't have to worry about any funk getting inside the bottle.


shelze - April 1

i agree with pbj- playtex nursers and they are great!


C - April 1

I also like the Playtex Nurser. I didn't really try other bottles to compare. I nurse and bottle feed and the nipple seemed like he took it well so I didn't try anything else. I also like that you can squeeze most of the air out.


erinsoul - April 2

My son was picky about which bottle he would take. He hated the avent bottle, milk would just dribble down his face. I was going to try the playtex ones next, but turned out he really likes the Dr. Brown bottle...and he has spit up a lot less since we started using them.


SonyaM - April 2

We use Dr. Brown's bottles and they work great for my son. They are a major PAIN to clean, but worth it. They are noted for preventing colic, spit up and I think ear infections. So far, so good.


Erin1979 - April 3

Like the other Erin, we tried Avent bottles and my dd HATED them. We switched to the playtex nursers and she love them. Having the liners is great. No scrubbing the bottles and worrying about sterilizing them.


K - April 3

Dr. Browns. We love them and they are supposed to really reduce gas problems. We tried the Vent- aire a couple of times, but the nipple was a lot harder for my 6 week old daughter to get anything out of and as a result she swallowed a bunch of air and had really bad gas. She doesn't seem to have any type of gas problems with the Dr. Browns.



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