Bottle Feeding At Night

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Shannah - May 11

I plan on bottle feeding and was just curious to see how you did it or have any suggestions on feeding at night. did you use the powder and just make the bottles in the middle of the night, did you pre make them and put them in the fridge and then warm them? Thanks!


YC - May 11

At first we put them in the fridge and warmed them but switched. I would have the bottle ready with water inside and drop in the powder when I needed it. I thought this was much easier. My dd is now 20 weeks so she doesnt have that middle of the night feeding anymore. I say try both ways and find out what works best for you.


Marlene - May 11

I have bottles with water in them and put the powder in when I need it. I do this both day and night.


Bonnie - May 11

At first we kept them room temperature since that's what the hospital gave and he did so well on it. You can't argue the ease of that. We just kept the water premeasured in teh bottles and when he was ready we'd drop in the powder and mix. However, he ended up with major gas issues and the formula can be very foamy, especially when shaken. So we eventually had to make it in advance and refridgerate it. When we go out I still make a room temp one and just deal with the gas. I would recommend, try the room temp thing at first and if baby is fine, stick with it as it is easiest.


Jmom - May 12

I always try to prefill the bottles with water and then just add the powder. Saves on time when you have a hungry little one.


pbj - May 12

Personally, I don't like the adding powder when needed since it doesn't allow time for the air bubbles to settle. I used to premake bottles and put them in the fridge, now I premake formula in a rubbermaid container (enough for 24 hours) then make bottles when needed. My dd had such bad gas when she was first born so our nurse suggested always premaking our formula so it allows time for the air bubbles to settle. Which to me makes a lot of sense, I mean you're shaking this bottle up and giving it to your LO, no wonder so many babies have horrible gas.


EM - May 12

If you're going to use tap water like we did (because we have good water where we live) then its easier to put the powder in a DRY bottle then run hot water and fill it up to where you need it (if you are making 4 oz of formula, fill it to about 4.5 oz mark). That way it is INSTANT warm bottle, which is nice seeing how a screaming baby makes 20 seconds running the microwave seem like eternity.


hello - May 13

Would make them up, boiled water... add the powder, shake then fridge.. When baby woke kettle went on and bottle went in jug.... and presto......... worked for me...............


Kelly K - May 13

I found heating it up in the middle of the night was not possible. My DD screamed bloody murder. So I just left water in a covered bottle and then added the powder when she woke up. I'd put a drop or two of gas drops in the keep the air bubbles down and the ped said it wouldn't hurt her.



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