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Gavinsmom - January 23

Hello! I have already met some of you wonderful ladies! I will be having my little boy in 2 days (c-section) and am planning on br___tfeeding. I want to go buy some bottles today, so that I can pump and let my dh bond and feed, as well. What type/brand of bottles would you recommend? I have been reading about all the different kinds and my brain is on overload! I think getting firsthand feedback is the best way to here I am! Thanks! ~Kim~


Erynn21 - January 23

Avent-all the way, they are awesome. My dd loves them, and I have an Isis manual pump that hooks right on the bottle. My friends and step sis all recommended them, they work really well. That's my opinion.


sahmof3 - January 23

Yep... Avent!


sahmof3 - January 23

... Oh, yeah, but that said... I didn't start my oldest on a bottle soon enough, so by the time he finally took one (like 5 months) I had to try several brands until I found what he like (Playtex drop-in kind). So, sometimes they make you buy until you find what they want ;-) The other two were started on Avents and took right to it.


srigles - January 23

We've tried a couple of different brands, and my son likes the Playtex nurser with the drop-ins the best.


BreaunasMommy - January 23

We use Dr brown bottles to start with they are a little expensive and a pain to wash but as she got older we just used cheapy bottles called tri flow she liked those alot.


18wbabynov - January 23

avent! i love them, easy to wash, easy to pump with (my dd is 2mos.) and she loves them too- shaped like b___st, no problems with gas. i would HIGHLY recommend them, and i work in a childrens museum, where almost every mother i asked (while i was pregnant) said to get the avent ones! good luck!!! how exciting!!!


krnj - January 23

Hi I use the Dr. Browns bottles. They are expensive and a pain to clean. I'm sure there are bottles that work just as good and are less expensive. I think this time around I'm going to try the Avent bottles. Good luck to you!


MM - January 23



Shea - January 23

Ditto Avent!


ConnorsMommy - January 23

wow.. I'm kind of surprised at how many people said avent.. I HATED those bottles! They leaked like crazy! Was I buying the wrong ones?? lol... my favorite were the playtex drop-in bottles.. LESS DISHWASHING!!.. and you don't have to worry about sterylizing the bottle, which I was crazy about during the first month my son was born ;)


Erynn21 - January 23

They will leak, if you don't make sure the lids are not tight enough. You have to crank the lids tight. It's just like me w/ the diaper poll, I was surprised how many ppl love Huggies, and w/ my dd they leaked all the time, I hate Huggies, guess my little girl's bottom just doesn't fit them right.


Emmie - January 23

I liked the playtex nursers for my son.


SonyaM - January 23

We used Avent with my first and they worked okay but they leaked a lot. We chose to use Dr. Brown's bottles with our second and LOVED THEM. They are a major pain to clean but I'm used to it now. My son took to them so well and they prevent gas and I think help prevent ear infections.


Felisha - January 23

i had to try lots of bottels i have not tried the avent although i have heard good things. we had to go with dr browns but to be honest i do not see a difference. i know lots of women who love the playtes and the avent so i would try those before going with the more wxpensive dr browns because they really are a pain to clean.


BriannasMummy - January 23

I have to say hands down I love the playtex bottles with drop ins! Both of my girls loved them, so Im definatly a fan! -Kristin-


Gavinsmom - January 23

Thank you SO much for the input! I think I will buy a few of! :-)



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