Bottle Problems

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Julie - November 4

I chose to use the Playtex Ventaire bottles with my son. He is almost 3 weeks old and is using the slow flow nipples. It takes him almost an hour to finish a bottle because the flow is sooo slow. The poor kid is working soo hard to get the formula out he falls asleep before he can finish. I have looked and they only have fast flow as the next step up for infants 6 months and up. I just don't know what to do. I feel like I wasted $$$ on these bottles because I feel like I am going to have to buy new bottles that will have a medium flow. I checked with Playtex and they don't carry medium. Any advice would be appreciated.


Dylan - November 4

We use the Playtex Drop-ins and we made the nipple holes just slightly bigger because we were having the same problem. Our son would suck and suck, and there was no milk coming out. I tried it myself, and couldn't really get anything out. So we just cut a really small slit in the top to open it up a little more.


erica - November 4

My son was having the same problem so i used a needle to make the hole bigger.BIG MISTAKE. he started getting it to fast and it make him sick. So we bought these Dr. Brown bottles. id look them up on here, they are awesome. Not only do they regulate flow but they prevent air from getting in. They are amazing!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 4

I was having all sorts of problems with nipple flow too, he was either getting too much or not enough. In addition he has acid reflux. I too switched to Dr Browns bottles and they have been perfect. They have all different types of nipples that seem to work in all cases. My son gets cereal in his bottles due to the reflux and they make a special nipple for that. They have a lot of pieces parts and take forever to clean, but they have been so worth it. They have a piece in the center that works as a vaccuum for air so baby sucks no air. It is wonderful.


Steven's Mom - November 4

Dr.Brown bottles are great! My son has never spit up...The nipples go with there age as well..Good Luck


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 5

I would try the fast flow, or even the b___stfeeding nipple, it has 4 or 5 small holes like the b___st.


Jbear - November 5

You can make the nipple larger with a toothpick. If the hole becomes too large, boil the nipple for a couple of minutes and the hole will shrink.



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