Bottle Rejection 3 Months

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fefer1 - September 16

My ds has had bottles early on - but it's been a while and now he refuses to take one. I have to figure out how to get him to take one because I'm gone one night a week and my husband has to feed him. I've tried feeding him hungry, after he's eaten, two different bottles...nothing. Help! I don't know how you get them to get used to it again or if it's possible. I really hope so because if I can't ever leave him I'm going to freak out!


Malica - September 16

Can you try getting your husband to give the bottle while you're out of the room (and out of sight)? Some babies will hold out for the 'real thing' if mom and her b___bies are right there, but will take a bottle from dad because they don't have an alternative.


fefer1 - September 17

That's the problem- my husband HAS been trying and he won't take it from him. I am gone Monday nights so he has to take care of the kids - and my ds just just screams and cries and won't take a bottle. sigh...


Pearl - September 17

Have YOU tried feeding him a bottle with b___st milk? Are you pumping and leaving the milk with your husband? Is it too hot or cold?


fefer1 - September 17

I've tried feeding him myself and it doesn't work. You can't even get it in his mouth without him screaming. I even pumped and attempted fresh milk ... no luck. I just bought a new bottle that is sort of like a nipple - I'll have my husband try tonight when I'm nowhere near him and see how he does.


Charlibabe - September 18

I have problems with my Daughter sometimes she is 2 months old. I alternate between Bottle and Breast. Its like she knows when she gets b___st because she will not take the bottle for the life of me. It makes me feel bad because sometimes she screams when I give her a bottle *she likes b___st better*....and my boyfriend tries to make me stay strong and keep on our schedule but I end up giving in at the end if she wont take the bottle after to long. So I know how you feel!



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