Bottles Cereal Babies What S Your Schedule

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Kel - July 10

For those of you whose babies are currently eating cereal and their bottles I was just wondering what your schedule is. We will be introducing cereal to my dd soon and I was just curious to see what everyone's schedule is for their lo with bottles and cereal after time. At first, do you just give it to them once a day and then work up to morning and night?


nic nac - July 10

cereal in the morning and at night or you could do it in the mornings only and work your way to two times a day. It is best not to start at night just because if they are allergic to the cereal it's hard to identify potential problems at night. my dd is eating 3 solid meals a day and bottles and with her solid meals I give her cereal mixed with her breakfast and her dinner.


charliepaulchloe - July 10

my dd is now 7yrs old but when i was weaning her she had cereal and bottle of milk in morning then that was dropped to a beaker of tea when she was a little older. she would have lunch with water or a baby juice, sometimes a milk in afternoon then proper evening meal with water/juice and then bottle of milk before bed. i think its a case of drop a bottle with each meal they start having. my dd loved her tea so she would end up having a bottle of tea to go to bed with. she used to have a few snacks in between meals. she was really easy to wean hope i can do the same with the one im carrying now. a few ppl i know used to put baby rusk in bottle of an evening but its not something i ever tried myself. good luck xx


jorden - July 10

i started giving my son cereal in his bottle at 4 months. But just at night. Then around 5 months, i was giving it to him for breakfast. He would never eat enough cereal to make it where he didnt need a bottle. So about half a hour after, i would feed him a bottle. Mix it with a little fruit...mmmgood. :) I would do it lke that for a week or so...see if she does good with it. Good luck


Bonnie - July 10

Well, for me it came as a shock.....we introduced Mason to cereal at 3 1/2 months (recommended by the GI) because he normally ate every 3-4 hours (32 ounces a day) but was getting really hungry in between. We gave his cereal in between bottles as he could not handle all the formula plus solids in one sitting. At 5 months it is still the same. He can handle the formula and solids togetehr but can't make it 3 hours that het gets a bottle every 3-04 hours and solids in between. It drives me batty as all I ever do is feed him, lol. Makes for a fun time when you are out on the town ~sarcasm~.


Bonnie - July 10

P.S. he eats solids 3 times per day at this point.



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