Bottles And Pacifiers

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Sarah - October 28

When do you think babies should be introduced to bottles and/or pacifiers? And how often should they be fed by bottle each day? Thanks =)


d - October 29

According to the Health information I received from my nurse, you should b___stfeed at least till 6months because its good for the babies immune system etc.. Then you can wean off to the bottle which will be hard because the infant will want the b___st instead. If their really hungry and realize that no b___st is going to give them food after playing with the nipple they will figure out to suck on the nipple and the flow of milk will be easier and faster than nursing. I introduced the pacifier for nap time only at 6 months. I find it helps to eliminate the 3am or 5am feedings. He sleeps through the night 10pm till -6 or 7am. My doctor says, its a good time to break the night time feedings by hugging or using the pacifier. It helps my son to sleep at night or fall asleep during the day. My husband read that infants should drink at about 24-32 oz total per day , 3-5 bottles, about 5 bottles, bottles are by demand but you will find as they get older they may drink less because they are eating solids. For example, 6-9 months 4 tablespoons rice/barleycereal given 2 times a day, 5/6 tbls vegetable given 1time a day, 6tbl of cooked pureed fruit given one time a day ands 3-5 formula bottles per day. Intoduce a vegetable or fruit one at a time and give it a couple of days for you to watch for any signs of allergy or uncomfort. 10-12 months you can also give oatmeal, corn, wheat 8-10tbl 2x a day, 6-10 tbls veg one time, 4tbl meat/chicken one time 6-10tbl cooked pureed fruit one time, 3-4 formula bottles per day. At 13months Homomilk may be given every 24 hours(3-4 bottles) There is a list of foods that my nurse told me to avoid before one year because of a higher chance to get food allergies. Foods to avoid are: fresh citrus fruits, strawberries, honey, nuts, chocolate, kiwi, egg white, dairy. Just subst_tute a bottle feeding with a solid feeding that is recommended by your health department. 6 months Start cereal with 1-3 tsp per day increase 2-4tbls. Thin with water in the beginning and thicker later on to learn to swollow solids. How old is your baby?


Sarah - October 29

She's only 2 weeks old. I don't mean strictly bottle feeding her, but having her dad feed her once a day by bottle (b___st milk), maybe help them bond a little and to make the weaning easier after the 6 months or so. My baby likes 'the b___b' whenever she's fussy, even if shes not hungry, she just likes to have it in her mouth, that's why I was wondering about the pacifier, but I don't want her to get too used to it because I've heard that it can cause buck teeth! Thanks for the info ... very useful


Lynn - October 29

You should wait untilb___stfeeding is well established, usually 3-4 weeks beforeintroducing the bottle. DOn't wait too long though or she may not want the bottle. New guidelines actually SUGGEST the use of a pacifier during the ages of 2-4 months, studies shows it lowers the incidence os SIDS. These guidelines were just released a few weeks ago. Also, a pacifier will not cause buck teeth unless you let your child use one consistently throughout childhood. You should start to ween them off at about 1 year - or the same time you try to ween them off the bottle. As long as you are giving a bottle, you might as well be giving a pacifier. They don't cuase buck teeth but they can influence the formation of the palate- which takes several years to form and even longer to actually harden into calcified bone. That is one of the reasons you don't give kids braces until they are old.


Liana - October 29

I've heard that pacifiers can cause buckteeth, but when your baby gets older its easier to wean her off the pacifier than to teach her not to suck her thumb, cause its always there for her!!



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