Bottles Or Food Please Help

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joeysmom - August 26

Hello!! my son is 7 months old and I started doing three meals a day about a month ago, but when I started that he totally stopped taking his bottles. He would drink about 5 - 10 ounces a day. So the doctor told me to take away one of his feedings because she said they get most of their nutrition from bottles until 9 months. So I took away lunch. Now, he wakes up at 4:30 every morning for a bottle, when he used to wake up at 6:30 or 7. So he's obviously hungry. I am just wondering what other people would do, would you start lunch again and just let him have 5 - 10 ounces or would you wake up at 4:30 in the morning so he can eat a bottle b/c he's hungry?? Thanks!!!!


Malica - August 26

Absolutely 5-10 ounces is not enough formula for 7 month old. As a rule of thumb they should be getting 2 or 3 oz for every pound they way, up to 32 oz. (So a 10lb baby should have 20-30oz, for example). Do whatever it is you need to do to in order to make sure he gets more formula. Have you tried having a bottle just 20-30 minutes before meal time (or have a bottle when he's hungry at "mealtime" then 30 minutes later offering him food)?


schreck - August 26

Try taking away breakfast. You cuold also trying giving him less food at his meals so he will want to drink more of his milk.


clindholm - August 27

I started with formula/b___stmilk then followed with food which worked well for my lo.


ROBYN - August 27

hi - we just started 3 meals a day my son just turned 6 months hes a huge eater about 6-7 jars of stage 2 food a day on top of his formula. we just had his 6m appt pedi said he should be consuming 6-8 Months of age: Formula 24-37 ounces. So i keep track of his formula intake because i want to make sure hes getting his nutrition. He averages 30 ounces a day of formula sometimes less but i make sure hes getting his bottles because thats what he needs right now. I am all for solids i started him at 4m and hes done awesome. Also try and give him a bottle and wait 30 -60 min afterwards and then give him a solid. How many jars a day is he consuming?


amyh - August 28

I have a 2.5 year old and a 10 month old. They are supposed to get the majority of nutrition from formula/b___st milk until 1 year old. For my youngest, I give 3 meals a day, plus snacks (crackers, fruit, pasta bits). I always offer the food and then give a bottle...she drinks what she wants. If I cut out a meal, she would probably be SOOOO hungry (she's a good eater). Maybe just offer the bottle first and then give the meal that you were cutting out. But, I would still give something too.....


kimberly - August 28

Just offer the bottle first before the food and maybe make the meal a little smaller, more like a snack. 10 oz. is definately not enough. If he still wakes for a bottle at 4:30 I would give it to him. He needs milk and if that is when he wants to drink it I would let him. All 3 of my babies still woke in the early morning hours for a bottle at 7 months old. My oldest woke to eat twice a night, but he was b___stfed.



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