Bowel Movement Problem

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Fabienne - October 6

Hi all :) My 3 month old son seem to have a problem with his bowel mvnt. He goes every 3 or 4 days with much struggles in between. He looks like he's trying hard all the time and it bothers him that he can't go more than that. He is fussy and cries because of it - poor thing. I know he is not constipated because his poop isn't hard at all when he finally goes... What could I do to help him? I half br___tfeed and half give him formula. I wish I could br___tfeed all the time by the never really worked out (nipples HURT a LOT or not enough milk ) Thanks for your suggestions


me - October 6

you better take him to the doctor. I think that a baby is only allowed to go that many days with out a movement. better safe than sorry.


KH - October 6

I don't really have suggestions b/c I'm in the same boat. Both my dr and lactation consultant said that they are using much more of their nutrition and unless they're uncomf. then not to worry. I wish I had an answer :)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 6

The more your baby is in an "upright" position gravity will help. If your baby is either on tummy or back for most of the day then until they learn how to use muscles to make themselves go to the bathroom then they will have problems and grunt and groan because they are pushing with the wrong muscles!


Liz - October 7

I know some formulas can make babies constipated, he might have to switch formulas.


Rachael - October 7

My 7 week old does the same thing. He is not constipated either and I feel so bad for him. He has a lot of gas also. The doctors have said that little babies just need to learn how to relax and work with their bodies and until they do there is nothing I can do to help him. When I know he is really struggling I use vasoline on a q tip and put it in his rear end and that seems to help him along.Not fun but it works. That was something the doctors suggested as well.


BBK ® © - October 7

What we do when that happens was give her 2 oz chamomile tea and voila! we ran it by the Doc and he said "yes it's fine". We've got this instant chamomile tea from Europe specific to infants, but I think you can brew your own. Of course run it by your pediatrician.


Rachael - October 7

I have seen the stuff in the stores for babies upset tummies, cannot think of the name right now, but it has chamomile in it. Anybody tried it or know wgat I am talking about. Thought about buying it for Lucas since he has so many belly issues. I guess I could check with doc also.



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