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Brandy - November 15

Ok, so they just found out today that the cause of death was head trauma. They are doing further testing to get a timeline, and to see if she fell or if someone hit her, etc. What happened was mom and dad were out on a date and kids were left with a cousin. They came home about 2am, and the child woke up and asked for a drink of juice and said h__lo/goodnight to her mom. They found her about 10am. So they don't yet know if it was while they were gone or if it was up to three days before.


me - November 15

Thank you CNN!


huh? - November 15

What do you mean, me?


confused? - November 15



if i might - November 15

CNN reports news. Me was being a smart a__s. ;) I saw the humour in it , Brandy may not.


Brandy - November 16

It's ok, I didn't find it funny, but I wasn't offended. I just posted this because I promised d that I would let people know when I found out what happened. Still waiting on the further results. Hopefully it was an accident and there will not be any criminal charges...the one thing that's weird is that she never complained of a headache, etc. Which makes me wonder if something happened with the cousin...the cousin is known to party...


Curious - November 16

What story are you referring to? I haven't heard of this. Is it something recent?


Brandy - November 16

Check my post ent_tled Brandy a few days ago. It's a tragedy that struck a family in our church. But now there are so many questions we are waiting on being answered. Hopefully nothing requires criminal charges...


d - November 16

I just wanted to share with you about my 13 year old cousin who used to complain of headaches but would think it would go away. One night he woke up his parents of an unbearable headache and then collapsed onto the floor. In Greece, the hospital was far where they lived and by the time they got there it was too late to do anything. The Dr. said that it could be an aneurisam or maybe it was a head injury from sport(he used to play basketball a lot). He had no bump on his head. For a baby I think you can detect brain injury-headche and head pressure from constant vomiting and crying. I don't know how else. For this baby who knows maybe it was a fall or maybe there was a blot clot that bursted. ---How old was the cousin babysitting? Overall, its a horrible thing to find your baby dead or to die in front of you.


d - November 16

I forgot to mention that the Dr. asked if the parents wanted to find out for sure if the brain injury is because of anneurism or a hit they would need to do an autopsy. The parents felt he had suffered enough and never went ahead with it.


Brandy - November 16

The child was 5 years old. The cousin is about 20. In this situation, an autopsy was mandatory because she was healthy before. They are making sure there was no foul play.


d - November 16

I'd like to know what the results were when you hear about it. Thanks for keeping me posted.


Brandy - November 16

Just received a call that it's going to take 60 days for a conclusion on exactly what happened.



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