Breakfast Food Suggestions Please

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lindsay - February 22

i am at such a loss as what to be feeding lexi for breakfast. . she's 8 months old now and i swear she eats (baby)oatmeal and pureed fruit every day! i don't think she much cares, but i'd like her to have a little more variety. i do give her scrambled egg yolks once or twice a week. i thought about plain pancakes but they have so much sugar and milk product in them,i'm weary. i don't think she'd make a full meal out of toast; she can eat little bits of bread and such, but i'd be sitting there for 3 hours while she finished enough to make a serving. she eats 3rd foods and gerber grads mushed up, so anything that consistency would be fine for her. i have yet to introduce cheerios--i'm scared!! (and again, i'm sure breakfast would take 3 hours since she only has 2 teeth.)


Erynn21 - February 22

Do you have a mesh feeder bag? I give my dd a variety of fruits in it and she's 5.5 months, I've been giving her apples and pears as a snack, she loves that bag. The bonus is you could give her Cheerio's and bread because they can mash it through the bag, I really think they are so worth it. You could also make your own pancakes there are good healthful recipes for them out there, I would just research it online, and she could also gum that through the feeder bag. My dd has 2 teeth also. I hope this helps. If you don't have the bag you can find them on, they are an awesome product.


LisaB - February 22

Me again I still feed ds oatmeal and the applesauce as I posted on your other thread sometimes we will have cheerios, bagels, waffles, toast, eggs but my ds only "snacks" on those he loves his oatmeal and sauce! Crazy kid you would think he'd get sick of it but nope.


lindsay - February 22

erynn--my husband is 100% against the mesh feeder!!! 100%! he thinks that it is barbaric or something to feed your child through a mesh bag and also believes it will detach and the child will choke and die! we have been round and round on this, and he adamantly refuses to allow lexi to use one. i had even gotten one at christamas time to throw in lexi's stocking at babies r us and he made me put it back. i think his fear is so irrational! believe me, i LOVE the mesh feeder idea. even his mom thinks he's nuts...oh well, i have to pick my battles, haha!


Erynn21 - February 22

It's funny because if he looked at the website for them he would realize that it was invented by a DAD whose baby almost died choking on a biscut. There is no way it can detach. Seriouly he should look at the website, also they sell it on, they only sell products designed for the safety of your child.


jb - February 22

I agree with Erynn21, have him look at the website. Also, if you are the one that is at home with dd all day, then things will be done YOUR way! Your life will be much easier if you let your dd use a mesh feeder. I always gave peaches in the mesh feeder to my dd...that was the only way I could get anything done around the house!! My dh still gives them to dd, and she is a year old now!!!


Regina - February 22

I hate to hijack this thread and make it about the mesh feeder, but how do you guys keep your LOs from getting food all over themselves? The few times I have used the feeder she ends up with goo on her hands, arms, clothes, high chair, etc. . . Am I missing something? Lindsey, to answer your question, my dd who is also 8 mos just has cereal for breakfast. But there are lots of types of cereals, so I just rotate through them. She has rice cereal with applesauce, the different types of oatmeals, and then there are the mixed cereals with fruits too. I figure this works until she has more teeth and is a little older at which point she can have more things.



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