Breaking The Habbit

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Ruthie - January 24

My 11 week old son has been falling asleep on his bottle, in my arms since he came home from the hospital. It just seemed an easy way to get him to fall asleep. But now I think it's time for him to learn to fall asleep on his own. So for the past 2 days I've been putting him down for his nap while he's still half awake, and he's been waking up and crying. So, I'm letting him cry for about 10 minutes, and MOST of the time, he manages to fall asleep. But he doesn't stay asleep as long as he would if I had kept him in my arms. And at night, the last thing I do is feed him, and he ALWAYS falls asleep on the bottle. I need him to eat right before he goes to bed so he'll stay asleep longer. My question is, have any of you had to "teach" your little one to fall asleep on his/her own? If so, how did you do it, and how long did it take?


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 24

I personally am not worried about Natalee ever falling asleep on her own. She does sometimes though. I don't ever plan on being apart from her at night anytime soon so I don't she why she would need to fall asleep on her own. But I know some parents want thier babies to, so I'm sure someone will have a better answer


Erin - January 24

My daughter used to fall asleep on the b___st, so what I used to do was get up and change her to wake her up again, and see if she's take a bit more. If she looked like she was going to sleep again, I would take her off the b___st, swaddle her and try to lay her down. Sometimes I had to rock her a little. It was hard at first, but it does get better (with the falling asleep while eating....she still wants to be rocked for naps, and sometime before bed and she is 5 months). Best of luck to you.


HELLO - January 25

My baby did this also... Do not worry about it although doctors carry on and say they should be put down awake. It will happen in time


Meredith - January 25

I have begun teaching from as early as I can. Think of how nice to lay your baby down, and she just goes to sleep w/o any crying. It is truely wonderful. You can rock, feed, nurse, cuddle, or whatever, just do not let baby get to the point of being pa__sed out. Lay him or her down groggy even. Alexia is five weeks now, and she goes to sleep within twenty minutes of me laying her down for bedtime. I had to go talk to her twice tonight. I do not worry about naps or midnight snacks, as they will be eliminated eventually, but bedtime will always be there, and if you set the routine now, while baby is more easy-going, you will save yourself stress in the long run.



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