Breast Drying Up On Their Own After Only Two Months

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TiffanyRae - October 22

Aloha ladies...just a quick question...can br___ts dry up all on their own after only two months? Up until last thursday I was only br___t feeding...but slowly my br___ts stopped producing enough milk for my almost 10 week old! I have to suppliment every other feeding with formula just so he can get enough. I have tried pumping every hour, feeding every hour (Alex just gets mad because there is nothing there) I am so confused? Can anyone relate or shed some light....MNMOM I know you were having a few issues anything you did to help? Mahalo everyone!


lily10 - October 22

It seems very unlikely that your b___st would be drying up on their own. Are you sure your son is frustrated because there is nothing in your b___st? Your son could be going through a growth spurt that is causing him to be very hungry. If you want to continue to b___stfeed you may want to cut out the supplements that will only make things worse. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, you may also want to try some fenurgreek. I work full time and pump and taking fenugreek everyday really helps me keep up my supply. Don't hesitate to contact a lactation consultant they are really helpful. I have a 16 week old and we have had many ups and downs with bfeeding but I found that not by not giving up and sticking with it the issues usually work themselves out. You may also want to check out they have a great mother to mother forum. Try and cut out the supplements or at least cut them down at least until you have your supply reestablished. When you b___stfeed your son are you feeling a letdown?


wailing - October 22

I b'feed exclusively also and at about 14wks I felt like my milk was drying up too, and also thought I wasn't making enough milk. But, I read that about that time ur milk supply evens out so even though u don't feel "full"...ur really making enough milk. And Lily10 is right, ur son could be going thru a growth spurt right now where he needs to eat more often (even every hour or two) for a while. This will also help get ur supply up. Supplementing w/ formula really does defeat the purpose, and doesn't help regain ur supply. However, I understand if u do it b/c u feel as if ur lo is starving. But, as far as I know milk doesn't just dry up at 2 months. I've heard Fenungreek works wonderful. And also, pump AFTER ur son feeds. That will stimulate more milk even if nothing is coming out. There may even be other factors involved. Stress, dehydration, exhaustion, hormones, periods, and certain meds can deminish milk supply. Contact a Le Leche League consultant to help u. U can even email them and they will answer ur questions...good luck. It's a never ending challenge to b'feed, but worth it:-)


MNMOM - October 22

Hi Tiffany: What the others said is all true. However, as you know I had similar issues and unfortunately my milk supply was dwindling all on its own, despite my efforts to increase it. I know that stress and probably dehydration & lack of enough rest were not helping me. I did try to increase pumping and also I tried Fenugreek. The Fenugreek for me was awful....I was sweating through all of my layers and had the most god awful stomach and gas pains, and I would have put up with it had it worked, but I didn't notice a difference. I talked to my mom and she also had supply issues at 3-4 months, so who knows, maybe for me it was something in my genes. But for you I would say, give it time to work itself out, keep bfing everytime you can and get your rest and drink your water and see what happens, you might realize you are just fine :) Good luck!


cubbie - October 23

Hi i had the same issues with both my dd's with my first I stoped bfing at 6 weeks because at 3 weeks I had to start supplimenting with formula and by 6 weeks my dd would spit out my bm because she didn't like it anymore. With my 2nd I started drying up at 4 weeks so I went to a bfing consultant who agreed that I was drying up and recomended that I take fenugreek and drink fennel tea, it really helped up my supply but after another month I had to stop bfing as I dried up again.


excited2bemama - October 23

I totally agree with LILY10 and WAILING. Its probably just your supply evening out or a growth spurt. Its very rare for them just to dry up. the more you suppliment though the less milk you are going to make and the more your lo will fuss at the b___st b/c getting milk out a bottle is ALOT easier than getting it out of the b___st. I went through the same thing a few weeks ago ( my lo is 4.5 months) I thought I didn;'t have any milk. My b___sts were always soft. I hardly leaked, etc. and when I pumped I got almost nothing and I used to get 4 oz or so when I pumped. At this age your b___sts are going to make just enough and nothing more. Stop supplimenting and let him nurse. he may fuss for a day or 2 or be a little hungry but all his sucking will stimulate your body to make more milk. Don't pump every hour. Just maybe after your lo feeds. give you boyd time to make more milk in between feedings.



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