Breast Feeding How To Increase Milk Supply

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Momtobe - March 7

Is anyone know how to increase milk supply. My little girl is 3 months old now and since she was 2 months old she was not stay still for br___t feeding so i started pumping and was able to pump 3 to 4oz at a time but recently my parents came and stayed one week with me and got busy with shopping since they were going out if country so did not get a chance to pump frequently and now i only pump 1oz at a time. So my question is is it possible to increase the milk supply once it's decreased? I am eating well balanced food and drinking lot's of lot's of water but so fat no luck. Any advice?


ssmith - March 7

Pumping is not a true reflection of how much milk you have. The pump cannot truly mimic the sucking action of a baby. The baby is much more efficient and can I think that our bodies can tell the difference between a baby sucking & a pump! I never could get more than a couple of ounces when I tried pumping, except maybe in the morning when I was really "full." Pumping can help to increase your milk supply, yes....but don't think that just because you pump 2 oz...means that your baby is only getting that little.


Regina - March 7

My lo is almost 9 mos and is b___stfed. I pump at work, and it is my understanding that after 3 days you will see a change in supply. I usually pump more than my lo takes in her bottles (I guess I'm lucky that way), but over the weekend I just nurse her. On Monday I see a decrease in the amount I'm able to pump, but by Wednesday it is back up. My advice then would be to try to keep as consistent a pumping schedule as possible, and your body will make more milk at those times. So yes you can get your supply back up. I read back over what I wrote, and I hope it makes sense. If not, feel free to ask more questions.


Emily - March 7

I agree with both. Baby can get more than you can pump. Do you just pump and then feed bottle or does you lo also nurse. Teh best wayt o increase your supply is a steady diet lots of fluid and regular nursing or pumping,.....good luck


Lchan - March 7

My lo is 10 months old and I have been pumping at work since I returned 7 months ago. There have been times my flow has dropped dramatically - when I've been stressed, sick, or like you didn't have the time to pump consistently for a few day. I've been able to have the amount I pump return to normal levels if I pump for an additional 6-8 minutes after I have "emptied" my b___st. I'll also add an extra pump session during the day. Usually I'm back to normal within 2-3 days of this. It is true what the others have said - your baby can suckle more from your than a pump, but if you are pumping less now, its still quite possible that your overall production is less. Best wishes!


18wbabynov - March 7

eat oatmeal, drink lots of water, take fenugreek supliments 3 times a day for about a week... drink "mother's milk tea" those were the thing people told me.


Renea - March 7

I have to agree with what the other ladies on here have said. I had a supply decrease in Jan. when I got the flu. My poor little guy was so frustrated. I just had to nurse him a little more frequently for a few days until my supply went back up. So, I would just pump a few extra times during the day for the next few days. You might deal with a little engorgement after your supply increases, but your body will readjust again. Oh---I am not endorsing this, but I have heard that having a beer increases your milk supply too--its the hops in it that does it.


Momtobe - March 7

Hi, I try b___st feed but my girl prefers bottle now. I always try to b___st feed her first before pumping but she barly stays on a minute and starts looking around eventhough she is hungry so what i do is pump the milk and bottle feed her. Since my supply is low, i also feed her formula. I will try all the suggestions i got since i really want her to feed my milk. Hopefully it works like it worked for others.


LollyM - March 7

The best pump is your baby. If you can get her back on the b___st that would be the best for your supply. You can get a supplement system that is like a little bottle you clip to your shirt and a tiny tube that you tape by your nipple (sounds weird lol but it works). Anyway, you let the baby suck on your nipple and the tube at the same time so that she gets more milk and maintains interest in the b___st. I had to do this with Ava (now 7 months and hapily b___stfeeding) when she was a newborn because my supply was low in the beginning and the hospital gave her similac to boost her weight. I thought I was going to have to pump and give it in a bottle too, but this thing really works! I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of it... I'm sure the ped would know, and possiply your ob. Yopu can probably call the lactation people at the hospital your lo was born in for help. the sooner you get her back on the b___st, the better! Good luck =)



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