Breast Milk Not Enough

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Karen - October 25

Ok. My little man is up for feeding every hour on the hour. He sucks one br___t dry and then go to the other. Half hour to an hour ( no time for br___t to full back up) he is up again. He is cranky and although sleeply takes forvever to go back to sleep. I think that he is not getting enough milk. This has just start and going into the second day. His pee and stool is normal. I still feel that he needs something else. I plan to go back to work in Jan and I want to start giving him formula the end of next month, in the day and br___tmilk at night until he is 6 months. I think I may have to start sooner. Anyone else having this problem ?


how old - October 25

how old is the baby?


BBK ® © - October 25

We had to supplement with formula in the first few weeks, and even now we give a formula bottle in the evening every day or every other day.... depending. If you haven't ever given any formula to him, ease it in.


Karen - October 25

Sorry his is 2 months.


Karen - October 25

Sorry meant to write he is 2 months.


Barb - October 25

my baby does the same thing...but she just started pulling 3 hr. stretches between feedings at night, during the day I feel like I can't put her down..haha... she will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Some babies are just like that, and when you you feel your b___sts "letting down"? are you drinking alot of water?? if you answered yes, and your baby is putting out wet and messy diapers everyday, then he's probably getting enough milk and like mine, just wanting YOU :) I'm always worried that my baby isn't getting enough...I feel so empty (NEVER engorged) bc she eats so often....but as long as the diapers keep filling up and I'm "letting down" then I guess she is...I got this information from la leche by the way...hang in there!


Karen - October 25

Thanks Barb. I am letting down and his diapers are always full. I feel empty all the time too. :) ok he is up and want to eat



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