Breast Pump

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Kristin11 - March 5

Hello Ladies, I am in need of a br___t pump and figured that maybe one of you on here might be located in Central Florida and possibly have one you would like to sell ( i can't afford a new one so i was hoping to find a used one for a reasonable price, since i have to go back to work almost right away after my son is born). If so please email me krismike_11 at yahoo. com. Thanks ?


Kristin11 - March 5



Smilefull - March 5

check out eBay. I don't think it's advised to buy second hand--kinda like a toothbrush--but if you need to--there's quite a few on eBay.


Steph - March 5

You might want to look on your local craigslist...I see them fairly frequently on there. Good luck! :o)


olivia - March 5

Check with your health insurance too. Sometimes they cover 50% or more of the cost.


spamanda - March 5

I know the hospitals around here rent them... it might be a good way to try a couple out before you buy. Contact the lactation consultant and ask. Whether new or used, some work better for people than others. I lucked out and got one from a friend who was finished with kids. Good luck, hope you find something!


ash2 - March 5

You can rent one from your local hospital for nearly nothing. Like 15 dollars a month !


eclipse - March 5

Go talk to the lactation specialists at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital if you are in Orlando. They can probably recommend some kinds and you can "try some out" for a month or less for a nominal charge before you decide. Trust me-the last thing you want to do is buy one, used or not, that doesn't work for you. I am renting a Lactina Select (Medela) and if it weren't 800 dollars to buy one, I would be all over it. Considering a Pump And Style, though...good luck on your mission.


Smilefull - March 6

you can rent them at some pharmacies too---


Kristin11 - March 6

Thanks ladies i have been doing alot of research and tryign to find discounts, ntohing so far. My insurance company tells me they wont pay. So I am still on the hunt lol.


BWIND - March 7

Kristen11 are you still looking for a pump? I have an Avent pump. I think it is the Avent on the Go pump set. I was wanting to b___stfeed but it didn't work out. I never used it. I did open it to wash it. It is a hand pump. Let me know if you are interested.


Kristin11 - March 8

Thanks BWIND but i actually was able to find a pediatrician office via ebay that sells ameda purely yours double b___st pump for whole sale prices.


Heather F - March 8

Kristin, where in central florida are you?


Kristin11 - March 8

Small town between Orlando & daytona



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