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Damiens mom - December 3

Hi Ladies,just wondering if you have any suggestions for a good manual br___t pump.I've heard good things about the AVENT ISIS but I'm just wondering what you think?


Jamie - December 3

I have the Avent Isis. I like it. It's good for the occasional pumped bottle, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're planning on pumping a lot.


Heidi - December 3

I bought a used Medela Pump In Style and it works awesome! It comes in a nice carrying case and holds everything you need including a cooler for milk storage. I just use mine at home so I can freeze a milk supply for daycare. It only takes about 10 minutes to get 5 oz on each side. It's a double pump. I haven't had any complaints and it's super easy to use. Not the quietest thing but to me it doesn't matter. I paid $80 for my used one and I got the starter kit from my hospital and my insurance paid for that. I rented a pump for the first month for free thru my hospital to see how it went and then I bought one.


Shannon - December 3

i have it but i've only used it a few times so far. i haven't used anything else so it's hard to tell if other ones are does the job fine so far


Silvie - December 6

Hi, I have Avent Isis at home too and I love it! I pump once( it takes me only about 10 minutes to pump 8-10 oz) a day to give my husband opportunity to feed our little guy. I am also having interviews right now which requires to pump the milk when I am not with the baby. Great thing about Isis is the fact that it is small, light and discrete( every three hours I just lock myself up in a bathroom and within 10 minutes pump whatever needs to come out) my interviewers have no idea I have a little guy at home and nurse :-)))


Lissi - December 6

I have the Avent hand pump (the Isis is too expensive for me). It works well, but it made my hand ache, so, on someone's recomendation, I went out bought a Medela electric pump, but found this so slow and noisey that I lost my patience with it and switched back to my old faithful Avent pump. :)


Damiens Mom - December 7

Thanx for your feedback.I went and bought one.


Jamie - December 7

I hope it works well for you! How old is your little man?


Kathyrn - December 7

I have an Avent ISIS and have been using it for six months now everyday several times a day. I love it. And it's not very expensive. I paid around $40.


Damiens mom - December 8

Thanx Jamie! My little one is 3 months old.How about yours?


Jamie - December 8

My girl will be 4 months on Saturday...:) Getting shots tomorrow, though...never any fun!


Leahp - December 8

I have the Avent Isis as well, I must say I'm impressed!! I've had numerous family and friends insist that I go with an electric, but can't imagine hauling all of that into work and Avent works great and discrete, I'm not sitting there like a cow letting the machine do it for me, seems kinda weird!! Sure your hand may ache the first couple times, but think of it this way, your burning MORE calories using a manual to get that post-baby weight off!!


Lissi - December 8

I thought the ISIS was an electric pump. I saw one in the shops here that cost around 80 pounds! I'm not sure what mine is, but is definitely an Avent and it's just manual. It was only about 20 pounds. It's really good!



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