Breast Pumps

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Kristin11 - February 5

Hi ladies, i am 7mths prego with my second child. I am wanting to br___t feed him, I will be going back to work after my 8 weeks maternity leave. So I am wanting to purchase a br___t pump. My question is for all the mommies that used br___t pumps, manual or electric?? And which models did you love and which did you hate? Thanks


christa0120 - February 5

I RENT the Medela Lactina. It is the pump that hospitals use. It is easy and gets the job done quickly. I would not recommend a manual pump if you plan on using the pump frequently.


Dawn - February 5

I used the avent manual pump. I found it ok but sometimes my hand would ache form the hand pumping.


Deb - February 5

If you are going to do a lot of pumping, definitely go with an electric....and a double electric at that or else you will spend hours and hours pumping each day. In 20 minutes of manual pumping I was lucky if I got 1-2 oz of milk...not enough to feed a baby all day! Spend the money and rent a good one and then if you are a good pumper (which I wasn't) then maybe buy a good electric.


Emily - February 5

I also recomend a double electric pump if you plan on going back to work. I can get 6-8 oz in ten minutes with mine. Trust me an spend the money on a good one. I got a Medela Pump in style. I love it. I am on my second child. I b___stfeed my first for 11 mos and now my second is 7.5 mos. I plan on nursing her about as long as I did her sister. I tried a cheaper pump, but it took it like two days of using it twice a day, that it was out, so save yourslef the troubel and rent or buy a good pump. Medela makes several diff kinds that would be good. I nefer had a problem with let down so the pump in style worked for me. They make a better one (Maybe the Lactina like Christa mentioned, not sure) that mimics babys sucking and helps with let down and with milk production (I never had that probelm either....) anyway there are also other brands that are good, but just be sure to find one that is for every day use. It will be worth it.


CaliTrish - February 5

I rented the Ameda Elite dual pump from the hospital for the first 6 weeks. Then I bought the Advent Isis hand pump thinking it would be good for short trips. It wasn't bad, but it obviously took longer than the rental pump. When I returned the rental, I bought the Ameda Purely Yours electric dual pump (the commercial version of the rental) because it used the same HygieniKit milk collection. I just went on my first weekend trip without baby and ended up taking my electric pump. It's just so much quicker and doesn't take up much more room. Can't say I love the pump, but it works pretty efficiently. You can adjust both suction & cycle speed.


Erynn21 - February 5

I have an Avent Isis manual that I love. It works really well for me, I find for me that I only have to pump it a couple of times to empty my b___st completely, but I have a really strong letdown that could be why. I'm not like some of the women on here, I can pump for about 10 minutes and get anywhere from 2-4 oz per b___st. I make a lot of milk though.


Nicole1 - February 5

I use the Medula Advance. I am trying to think of the site I bought it but can't. I was reading the reviews at Babies R Us and someone recommended a site where you could get it $100 less then at Babies R US. I bought it from the site with free shipping and no taxes., was great. I would just suggest whatever pump you around. BTW with the Medula it has a hand pump and a car attachment so it is easy to go wherever.


Renee924 - February 5

We bought a Medela Pump in Style. It cost about 250$ and I'm pretty happy with it. Stick to b___st only until you're sure you want her on the bottle because I got frustrated with it and gave her pumped milk in a bottle, and now that's all she'll take. She's too lazy of an eater to do b___st, I'd be topless all day the way she "grazes". Anyway the pump in style is a double pump and electric, and I've had no problems with it.


NVgirl - February 5

I have the electric ELAN Evenflo --- single pump. I really like it and use it all the time. Wish I had gotten the double pump though. It cost $115 at Target.


18wbabynov - February 5

i second calitrish, i bought the ameda purely yours electric double pump and LOVE it! i started with the whole manual thing, and even though i have a really good letdown (10oz per pumping) i still had a hard time with the manual... just save yourself the time, get a good, DOUBLE, ELECTRIC pump would be my suggestion!


Kristin11 - February 6

Has anyone tried the avent electric b___st pump?


KLT - February 6

I've never used a manual, but have an electric Lansinoh pump. Its a double and has the options to adjust suction and speed. Its not too loud - I take it to work with me. I haven't used any other brand and have been totally satisfied with this one. It cost roughly $100 - got mine at Target.



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