Breastfed Son Vomiting Only After Formula Feedings

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expecting2nd - March 14

My 5 wk old vomits terribly only after a bottle of formula. Have tried 4 times so far. Anyone else had trouble with this?


olivia - March 14

Many formulas are milk based which can cause vomiting if your baby is sensitive to lactose. You should check with the babies doctor, he might have you switch to a non milk based formula. My niece vomited violently with her formula and had diarrhea at the same time after every bottle. Breastmilk does not have lactose so that would be a good explaination why it only happens after the formula. It does not mean it would be a lifelong allergy, probably just a sensitivity as a baby.


pbj - March 15

Another person on here had the same problem and she never heated the formula...I a__sume you are? If so, then it could be as Olivia says but, many babies have a hard time transitioning from bm to ff


jessb - March 15

My daughter had the same problem. She would projectile vomit after formula. I think it was just too thick for her and like pbj said I didnt heat it the first time I tried to give it to her cold What really helped is that i now pump and mix 2 ounces of b___st milk with 2 ounces of formula. I have been doing it for a week and she is doing really well. At first she was still spitting up ALOT after the formula but it is getting better, she is getting used to it. So I really would recommend trying that. My next suggestion would be to try soy formula.


jessb - March 15

I forgot to mention I still have to heat the bottle when the formula is mixed with b___st milk. She likes it room temp or warmer just like it is when it comes out of me.


Cat - March 16

Breast milk has lactose...all natural milk does. You're thinking of a cow milk allergy. That's related to the protein, not the lactose. My son is having issues, so I've been reading about them.


pbj - March 16

To expecting2nd and jessb, do not switch to soy without your peds ok. Many times babies are allergic to soy, so it should be your last option...or of course if your ped says it's ok. I would try something a little more gentle such as Nestle Goodstart or Enfamil Gentlease.


olivia - March 16

yes, it seems it is enzymes in the cow milk, not lactose I was referring to. Sorry about the mix up. The formula to look for would still be non (cow) milk based. Ask the ped. which one.


Kaisa - March 16

I had the same problem with my daughter. Her doctor suggested Enfamil Lipil formula. As soon as we started using that the problem was gone. Plus don't forget to burp durring feedings. Good luck


Cat - March 17

The new thinking of many doctors is there is no colic, colic is reflux. I hope that's true, that means help for these poor babies (& parents).


Cat - March 17

Wrong thread, sorry.



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