Breastfeed On One Side

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Sprinkles - September 23

Ok I posted before about having problems with one nipple - and it started to heal now today as i was pumping it ripped open again and everything was full of blood so i am wondering what happens if I give that side a break for say 24 hrs .. i know i will get engorged but i can try and put cool packs on it although i know that may stop me making milk. So if i do that can I get the milk back in that br___t if it does stop producing milk there OR can i br___tfeed on one side and be able to supply my daughter enough milk? has anyone else had to do this? i dont know what else to do everytime i pump i am irritating it again and if i let her nurse directly its even worse.. its like one step forward and two steps back ... im very frustrated cause this is what i want to do .. any advice? I posted this here and in br___tfeeding forum but it takes forever to get an answer there ..


wv_red - September 24

Hi Sprinkles, have you tries a nursing shield? It worked for me when I was like that. Slather up with lanolin and put that on whenever you need to nurse from that side. I dont think just 24 hours is going to heal you. The shields are like 5 bucks and you can get them at babies r us or walmart. good luck!


stefkay - September 24

Sprinkles I'd use the nursing shield like wv_red suggested or another option that a friend of mine told me about is to use a bottle nipple over your own nipple. Specifically she had suggested the NUK brand. She said it worked wonders for her. It is only temporary too, but it will probably need more than 24 hrs. and yes, slather on LOTS of lanolin. I love the Lansinoh brand, it worked well for me. I almost gave up on bf'ing b/c my nipples hurt so bad but it took me until my daughter was almost 8 weeks old before it got better and now I'm so glad I held out. Everyone kept telling me that the first 2 weeks were the worst and then it would get better, but when it didn't I was so upset. It took me a while but now my dd is 11 weeks and we are doing great.


Sprinkles - September 24

Thanks! I can try that out and see what happens - i had a few problems when I first started but over time it went away and they got better now she is just about 4 months old and I have a new set of problems lol I was reading reviews on the pump that i am using and it seems alot of people say that one makes your nipples sore so I may try the lansinoh manual pump I use everything else from them and have no complaints so maybe their pump will b e better



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