Breastfeeding Period Cranky Baby

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wv_red - September 17

Ok ladies this is my 3 rd pp period and I have started to notice a trend with my 3.5 month old dd. Is it because I am on my period or what? She is fussy a few days before I start and is just flat out cranky when I am on it. This is day 2 and she is getting up more at night then usual and is very moody. She is usually a very happy baby. Are any of you going through the same thing? What helps if anything? Why is she like this? Is it hormones? Thank you ladies!


gabby509 - September 17

WV, there was another post about this a few weeks ago. I think a few other moms agreed. I b___stfeed my ds and haven't gotten a period yet, so I wouldn't know but I think maybe it has to do with the extra female hormones. Do you supplement with formula at all? I wonder why some women get their period when they are b___stfeeding and others don't?


wv_red - September 17

No I strictly b___stfeed. I got my period back 5 weeks after delivery. I wish I didnt get it back cause it sucks!! But I guess I am a lucky one *rolls eyes* Sorry about totally missing the other post... shows you where my mind is these days, lol. Gone!


jenna32 - September 26

you know i really don't know the answer! i always find that people are posting that their b___stfed babies get cranky around 3 months, isn't that weird?! I posted the same thing when dd was that age in the b___stfeeding forum. maybe it is a growth spurt. i had the same thing happen to me and i couldn't figure out what it was but it eventually pa__sed. i used to supplement with formula the first couple months and had my period but once we got b___stfeeding back on track my period dissapeared again. it's soo nice to get something extra in return for b___stfeeding!


tish212 - September 30

i had the same issue, i posted the question does she have pms... since they say girls can "cycle" together... it never fails when i am on, she gets super clingy and cant be comforted by anything except me holding her all day long... i have no solution for it, i just have to wait it out... but i am glad to see this wasn't just me...and my dd was b___stfed until 7 months ...though she still goes through my cycles with me lol... i also got my pd back at 5 weeks...joyful huh? i dont have an answer and niether did my ped, he figured maybe she picked up on my discomfort (i have endometriosis so my pd hurts horribly) and feels that need to cling to me... i dont get moody or anything with my pd ( i have asked dh does my att_tude change at all and he said if it wasn't for me telling him i was on he wouldn't know..) good luck


BeccaBaby1 - October 1

I don't know this from experience as my cycle hasn't returned yet, but I've read that many women experience a drop in their milk supply during their period. That could certainly make a baby crabby.


wv_red - October 1

Thank you ladies for all your responses! i appreciate it alot, thanks again!



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