Breastfeeding And Mini Pill

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tryin44 - July 28

So I asked this in the br___tfeeding section but only got one response. So I am not trying to get pregnant. We are done having kids. We have four and our youngest is 9 months. My question is lately my daughter has been fussy with br___tfeeding and my nipples seem to be stingy kind and full at different times throughout the day. I have been leaking again but am not at all engorged. I am on the mini pill and have not had a period yet. I took a pg test about four days ago and it was neg. I know it could be to early but I doubt it. Just wondering if any 0ne has experienced these symptoms for any reason. The other thing which scares me a bit is that last night I had a very intense s_x dream. I never haev them unless I am pregnant. Hopefully it is just a coincidence. I have been having a hard time coming to grips that I will not be having more babies but I also know four is plenty. ANy advice would be great. THANKS


Krissy25 - July 28

I was on the mini-pill up until a few weeks ago, my dd is almost 12 months old now. We have pretty much stopped bfing so i switched back to the regular pill. I ended up taking pregnancy tests 4 times while i was on the mini-pill b/c i wasn't getting my period and then i would experience things that made me think i might be preggo, like nausea and some cramping (like the kind you feel when you are in the 1st triemester) but i never was. Finally around 10 months pp i got my period. And like i said before i switched to the regular pill, i just always felt so nervous on the mini pill. There is really no room for error with it. I would think if you have been religious about taking it everyday at the same time your chances of being preggo are pretty low, but if you have missed a few or been late a few times i would say there is a chance. Wait a few more days and test again. Good luck.



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