Breastfeeding And Period Regulation

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1_4_The_Road - January 24

I asked this question on the Bf'ing forum but it takes a while to get an answer so here it goes. Once you get your period again and it's consistent for a few months then it goes away do you think it could mean I am pregnant? I had it Nov 23rd then Dec 24th and was suppose to get it the 21st per my period calendar but it hasn't come and even today being the 24th still no period. Now I took a first response test and it came back negative and I did have s_x but it was right after my last period and about a week ago so I totally missed my ovulation days. Do you think it is normal to just skip the period once in a while if I am still br___tfeeding? I do not have any coverage so I cannot go to the doctor unless I am sure I am pregnant again. Just want some opinions..Thank u


wv_red - January 25

Hi 1 4 the road. I am a BFing momma who got her period back 5 wks pp. The funny thing with Bfing and periods is it is really screwy. I can sometimes go for 2 months without one but I can also get 2 in one month. So yes it is normal to skip periods. Just use protection because you most defiantly can get pregnant while BFing. Good luck and keep up the good work!


CgGirl - January 25

HI there, I totally agree with red. But also, don't forget that your ovulation will be screwed up too. I ovulated on day 7 of my cycle this month (would usually ovulate around day 15 before pregnancy) and I think I ovulated a second time around day 20. So everything is possible!


jenna32 - January 27

Can you get free pregnancy testing somewhere? Yes, i think you periods can be irregular. Ther first few months, i was switching to formula and also doing b___stmilk because i had trouble at first and i got my period those 2 months, but since i have fully been b___stfeeding,no period. So if you are supplementing,that could be a big reason why you get it.


Sprinkles - January 28

This happens to me too and I tested and it says negative and I think the tests are accurate. I read around and it says b___stfeeding doesn't effect the results you would get from a pregnancy test. I would say wait a couple weeks and try again if you still get a Negative then you are probably not pregnant. There should be a free clinic somewhere too if you can find one .. are you in the US?



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