Breastfeeding And Possibly Pregnant Question Opinions Please

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Emmie - March 10

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about being thinking I might be pregnant. My period was about a week late and then it only lasted 3 days-only 1 day heavy. Well now its been 2 weeks and I have started spotting-every time I pee a little bit of pink blood comes out. Also my husband and I had s_x and I bled for a little while and there was this tissue stuff. Also I have been cramping. Well heres the thing I am worried about. If there is a chance I am pregnant should I continue br___tfeeding. My gyno is closed for the weekend so I have to wait to go in until Monday. Obviously I dont want to quit nursing if I am not PG. Any advice or thoughts-does this sound like I could be pg or just something wierd going on in my body. (I posted on the signs of pregnancy page and no one answered and I am more comfortable here)


sahmof3 - March 10

If you do turn out to be pregnant and are still cramping I'd consider weaning.... actually not just that I would consider it... I did it! I found out I was pregnant when Leah was 8 months and still being b___stfed, but I was cramping so I started the weaning process. It took a month to get her to take a bottle, but even with that month of nursing while pregnant, my son was born totally healthy. So I don't think it's terribly dangerous to do both or anything... I just worried because I had m/c'd before and didn't want to take a chance, plus I felt like either the nursing baby or the baby I was pregnant with would end up getting less nutrients, so I quit. My neighbor did it successfully for 6 months, though, so it can be done. I guess it's all about what you feel comfortable with.


Emily - March 12

I got pregnant when my dd was 11 mos old and being bf. I started cuting back on the bf cause she was so close to one year and wanted to wean by then. She weaned on her own when I gave her whole milk. I ended up finding out I was pregnant two days after she refused to nurse anymore. at my appointment my ob told me I could continue to nurse if I wanted to as it was alright while pregnant as long as the pregnancy was not high risk or anything. of cours eby that time she was done nursing. It really depends on what you feel is best. I would suggest taking a test first. You may bnot be pregnant and if you stopped bf now and turned out not ot be pregnant, you may regret weaning.


Heather F - March 12

Emmie, I wouldnt quit nursing just increase your fluid intake so that if you are pregnant the fetus, your baby and you get enough fluids. Good luck!


Emmie - March 12

I talked to the doctor and they said to wait about a week and take a test and if it is positive I will have an appointment but they said not to worry about the b___stfeeding until I know for sure I am pregnant. I probably will not be able to wait a week to test. I bought two and will test wednesday probably. Thanks for your answers.


Kristin72 - March 12

So are you not suppose to Bf if you are pregnant? Why? I am 39 and have newborn 3 months. I want to become pregnant again when she is about 9 months if I know I do not have a whole lot of time left. If I became pregnant before the 9 months would I discontinue Bf? This is confusing to me.


Emily - March 13

no Kristian, you so not have to quite bf. They used to say you did, but not anymore. it is perfectly safe to continue to b___stfeed while pregnant but it is as importnant as ever to get alot of fluids and eat healthy. sometimes if you have a high rish pregnancy they will advise you to stop just so there isn't any added stress to the baby you are carrying, but that is not usually nessasary.


CyndiG - March 13

Also, if you are prone to miscarriage, "they" suggest that you stop because bfing causes your uterus to contract, and the contractions are thought to possibly lead to a miscarriage. I don't know if it really would but that's what I've read and heard.


CyndiG - March 13

I would like to add, that I personally wouldn't stop unless the pregnancy was extremely high risk, and the dr told me to.


sahmof3 - March 13

I agree with Emily... no, you don't usually have to quit! I just did because I was having cramping that felt like menstrual cramps and I didn't feel comfortable continuing. Some babies will continue nursing as usual (like my neighbor's), others will self wean if the b___stmilk supply decreases due to the pregnancy.


Kristin72 - March 13

Thankyou for the info ladies! whew!


Lisastar9 - March 13

I successfully bf in two different pg,and delivered and then nursed two kids,just go with the flow of your body making sure you get plenty of rest take your prenatal vit,and drink plenty of milk.



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