Breastfeeding And Weight GAIN

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FrancesM - December 12

I have gained 10 pounds since giving birth at the end of July. I am br___tfeeding. I have had blood work done to check my thyroid and it is fine (darn) :) I thought that might be it. I just wanted to know if anyone else has gained and what did you do about it? Thanks!


gabby509 - December 12

I also gained 10 lbs after i left the hospital. I am also b___stfeeding, ds is now 6 months and the weight is finally starting to come off a little at a time. I attribute my weight gain to my increased appet_te. I swear I was more hungry after ds was born, than when I was pregnant. I plan on b___stfeeding until he is 1, so hopefully I don't hold onto the rest of this weight until I stop. Good luck, and if you come up with any solutions let me know!


FrancesM - December 12

Gabby, thanks for your input. I had gest diabetes when I was pg and I am not really watching sugar intake anymore but then again, I am not sitting around eating candy and cookies all day. I am just frustrated. All the pg weight (30lbs) was all gone now I am back up. Grrr. What is your fluid intake like? I seem to drink a lot, I did cut back some and it helped for a little while...I did read on the internet that it is common for a b___stfeeding moms to keep 5-10 pounds while b___stfeeding and the rest, if not more, will come off when you are done. It also said it can take up to a year to get your pre preg body back. I am in the same size jeans I was in pre preg which is a good thing. I think that since my body has changed shape some, that bothers me as well. By no means would I trade anything in the world for my child but things sure look different now! :) I too am going to try to make it a year...Thanks again and I am glad I am not the only one! Ps I have a son too! :)


gabby509 - December 12

You know what I noticed, I actually got my period for the first time since having him, about 2 days ago and my stomach is way smaller than before. It's so crazy. I gained about 40 lbs during my pregnancy and was up to 180, my son weighed 9lbs 1 ounce and when I left the hospital I weighed 155. Now I have been stuck at 164 for the past 5 months. I weighed myself this morning and I was at 158, so I think I just needed to get my period ( sorry if that's kinda gross). Also try to think about how much your b___bs weigh right now. I was a 34 B before pregnancy and now that I'm nursing I'm wearing a 38 D bra, so I can only imagine how much those things weigh, haha.


FrancesM - December 14

Hey. I have had 3 periods and none of that helped! Grrr. I think I drink too many fluids. Well I guess I need to start watching what I am eating a little better and start back to the gym (Curves) full time. I am glad at your 6 month mark it has started to come off and that your period gave you a good boost! Thanks again for sharing your situation. BTW it is not gross at all! HA HA


newlywed0915 - December 17

Hey gals! I'm right there with you! I gained 35 lbs with my pregnancy, and lost 26 by my 6 wk check up, and was at 163. I was doing great! a month later, I gained weight, and I'm stuck at 170!!! I'm normally like 150-155. I cut out soda and ice cream almost two months ago, and no difference, whatsoever. I'm eating pretty healthy, and yeah, my appet_te is pretty big, but its not like I'm eating loads of fried foods either. I figure I need to be exercising pretty vigorously , and just pray and hope it starts to come off!!! I'm really depressed about it...and I'm wondering if its hypothyroid dizziness a symptom? FrancesM, I drink at least two of those 32 oz sippy cups they gave us at the hospital each day. They say that you should drink 8 oz of water each time you b___stfeed, to prevent dehydration. Gosh....I hope the dizziness isn't a symptom of pregnancy! I'm so not ready!


FrancesM - December 19

Hey Newlywed...Thanks for you post. I do drink a lot of fluids so I don't know if it is retaining or not. As far as the dizzy, I have a had a little of that too, so strange. I belong to Curves and have not gotten back 100%. I went the other day and actually felt better but felt bigger. I am not sure what is going on. It really bothers me A LOT! I will admit that I have not tried to change my eating habits much since the gain. I am scared now to get on the scale. I don't want to see it any higher! Yikes! You girls are brave to post numbers! Noootttt me! LOL I have heard of lots of people starting to exercise with no results. I think I will just have to be patient with this extra chub for a little while longer. I have heard that it come off more when you stop b___stfeeding! Who knows! f I come across any explanation I will let you know!


stefkay - December 20

Well, I got the go ahead from my doc to go off the thyroid meds that were slowing mine down. I am going to see now if it makes a difference. It may very well NOT...I worked out daily for over a month and drastically reduced what I was eating only to stay at the same exact number on the scale. I did feel a bit more toned and was able to go down a jeans size, but didn't feel a huge difference so I know some was muscle. Anyways, I guess there is something to holding onto some while b___stfeeding. I'm still bf'ing exclusively and my dd will be 6 months in a couple of weeks. I thought it was supposed to burn more calories though and help you lose? I think I am going to keep bf'ing though because now it is so easy and I don't have to make bottles, etc. I am able to do it b/c I'm home with her so I'm just going to keep doing it until it seems she is ready to quit or I lose m y milk. Although I won't go past a year regardless. I don't know....this weight thing IS very frustrating.


MissP - December 28

Hi girls, hope you dont mind me chiming in? I too am depressed about my weight since i had my ds 3 months ago. Ive allways been a big girl, but was in pretty good shape before i got pregnant, was so good for the first 6 months, didnt put on a pound and then piled it on big time in the last 3 months due to not being able to walk hardly. I put on 42 pounds and had lost half within the first 3 weeks after the birth. But then i stuck and now i notice its started to creep back up again. I just dont understand this! I decided last week when ds turned 3 months that i would cut out any excess sugar and fat and try to exersise more, well i mean walk instead of taking the car etc...altho its hard givn the weather here. But i just feel its such an uphill struggle, especially when im tired from broken sleeps and ds is what i would call a demanding baby. Hes not the type that will just lie contentedly all day, he cries a lot and demands attention. I love him to bits but hes been hard work so far!! Im demented most of the time!!! Any tips anyone, success stories, in loosing the weight when your not the type where the weight just drops off? x x



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