Breastfeeding In Front Of Older Sibling

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Becca - November 25

I have a 7 year old son and am expecting a daughter on the 30th. I don't know if it is okay for me to br___tfeed in front of my son....any advice??


April - November 25

Of course it's okay. You wouldn't want to have to run off and hide everytime you have to nurse. My almost 7 yr old doesn't think anything of it. Babies b___stfeed. That's just how it works. I wish you the best with the new baby.


monica - November 25

I dont think it should be a problem. If you dont feel comfortable just cover with a blanket. At first he might be shocked but just explain to him thats how baby gets his milk....


monica - November 25

Wanted to add that when my 4 year old son first saw me b___st feeding he was in shock but after a while he got used to it and now its not a big deal.... he doesnt even pay attention.


Lissi - November 25

I went to see my brother at the weekend, and he has two kids. A boy of 8 and a girl of 6. I wasn't going to b___stfeed in front of them, but my SIL insisted it was ok, and they need to learn about these things, do I did. The 8 year old boy was slightly grossed out, but then just ignored it. My niece just thought it was amazing! Your son will soon get used to it.


Lesley - November 26

My oldest is funny! He said to my mum one day "you feed ben" and when my mum was sayng she can't cos she doesn't have milk he said "he only eats b___bs" It made me laugh so much!


Kathryn - November 28

My mom b___stfed in front of me. I was seven. I didn't think anything of it. I b___stfed my son in front of my four year old cousin. When she asked me why I don't use a bottle, I just told her that some mommy's use their own milk.


Lovely - November 28

My son is 6, and with a newborn that I was going to be nursing, I figured that he would feel about it, how I treated it. If I was all secretive and hiding, then he would find it disturbing. If I was matter-of-fact about it, so would he. He was a little confused, as to why I covered up in public, and I simply told him that strangers don't need to see my private parts which are being borrowed by your sister for now... seemed to work. Now he knows it's private, but natural.



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