Breastfeeding Problems

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Nita_ - July 9

I had my baby girl jun 26th and ever since have been working with her to get her to br___tfeed. She latched on well the 1st time after she was born. But soon after the next feeding, she kept crying and pushing away and never latched. The nurse took her to the nursery and gave her bottle (I wasn't very happy about it then and now am very frustration about the same). Ever since then, she's had a lot of problems latching on and even if she did she falls right asleep and doesn't suck. :(. I've met with lactation consultant at the hospital and she tried too, we eventually got a nipple gaurd and she seemed to suck fine at it on the day of discharge(28june). She had jaundice to compound this, so had to supplement her with formula (my milk hadn't come in yet..and pumping wouldn't give anything). My milk finally came in day 3 or 4, and were feeding her whatever came out. Her weight fell down from 7lbs 14 oz to 7 lbs 2oz in 4 days. So had to continue with bottle supplement feeding. My milk has come in very well and baby is doing much better(well, some feeding does well some feedings keeps crying!). but want to ask if anyone else has this problem and how they dealt with it. I really want to br___tfeed my daughter, i think it's such a wonderful experience but this is really tiring and frustrating. She cries sooo hard and doesn't want to latch on and I feel like I'm torturing her. She gets really mad it seems that she isn't getting milk as easily as from a bottle. We tried getting rid of the bottle around day 7, but her weight kept going down and the ped was concerned so we are back on bottles (with br___tmilk) every other feed. We are to feed her every 3 hrs and this struggle with br___tfeeding goes on for 1 or 1.5 hrs and so it's exhausting. I've had a few crying spells over this especially when I see her cry sooo loud. She's starting to gain a little, but still has long ways to go. I'm still using the nipple gaurd (otherwise she doesnt suck or sucks on her tongue with no real milk squeezing out). I don't want to give up on her! :(


Christy - July 9

I didn't have this issue, but my guess she is getting too used to the bottle and doesn't want to work for her milk via your b___st. Can you wean her off the bottles? I would check out They have some great info for bf moms and for your specific issue. Good luck. I hope it gets easier for you!


Christy - July 9

Also, can you meet with the lactation consultant again or call her for some advice?


HannahBaby - July 9

why are you using a nipple shield?


Allie - July 9

hi Nita - please don't be dfiscouraged; thetre is hope! I had my daughter June 5th, and also had to supplement due to jaundice; also ended up pumping into a bottle as the only way she would feed; we found the nipple shield at about a week, and she started taking that but would't latch directly on - in the last week she is finally taking the b___st direct, andshe is a great eater and gaining weight well!!!


lindsay - July 9

what type of bottle/nipples are you using?? i had a rough time b___stfeeding w/ my son.. it took us about 3 weeks to "get it". but i used "nuk" nipples (by gerber) as recommended by my ped, and once we got the hang of it, we went back and forth between bottle and b___st w/ no problem. well, this time (had my dd on june 13th), i decided to use avent bottles and nipples if i needed to supplement. she did really well b___stfeeding in the H right after she was born, but was also a bit jaundice, so i was encouraged to pump and feed her , so i did. well, i think that threw us off course. i started having major trouble getting her to latch on after that, forcing me to pump and give her a bottle once home. well, it seemed once i started giving her the avent nipples, she really had trouble figuring out my nipples... after about 3 days of that nonsense, i sent my mom to the store for some nuks... and guess what? she started latching on again! maybe it was coincidental, but i believe it is the nuks that work (they are the "weird"shaped nipples--like what your nipple actually looks like in your baby's mouth...) so what i did, (did theis even when trying to use the avent) :offer your b___st EVERY time you go to feed... keep trying trying trying until your baby begins getting frustrated, but not hysterical... then offer the bottle w/ the nuk nipple. i could tell that we were making progress everytime, even though she didn't latch.. she went from at least getting my nipple in her mouth to trying to suck to actually latching within 3-4 days of my switching to nuk.. i think once she figured oiut she needed to make my nipple feel like the nuk nipple, it all fell into place. also, i learned with my son that the way i offered my nipple was what made all the difference.. once i figured taht out, we were fine... since i knew how to do it w/ my daughetr, i knew the nipple shape was the problem. sorry so long, bu ti hope you can be successful, and maybe my suggestion will help... don't give up, i know, it is exhausing, but YOU CAN DO IT! (moral of the story: if it ain't broke, don't fix it! ) :-)


starr - July 10

The exact opposite happened to me.My baby girl is 3 wks old and she latched on great right after birth but later in the seemed that she wasn't really getting anything and she would latch on great but would constantly cry,making me feel like I was starving her or something.So out of frustration I tried to give her a bottle and after tasting the first drop,she put her little lips together so tightly that I knew she definitely was not taking the bottle.So I had no choice except to BF which is great but it does get tiring.I do pump and thank goodness she will still take the bottle and b___st with no problems.Once again out of frustration I tried to supplement with formula and she said no way so I will stick to strictly BF.I know this really doesn't help you any but sometimes it takes trying different things before you find something that works.Just stick to it b/c to see those little eyes looking up at you while you are BF is priceless. Good Luck to all.


Jamie - July 10

My jaw dropped as I was reading your story. I am soo soo sorry your b___stfeeding experience has been so badly mishandled!!!! First and foremost, it is NORMAL for babies to lose weight the first few days of their birth! I can't believe you were told to supplement with formula because of that!!! Colostrum is the only thing your baby needs until your milk comes in. Period, the end. Even with jaundice, your baby should have been finger-fed, NOT given a bottle! Lose the bottle now. Nurse at the b___st, even if it means using a nipple shield to overcome the nipple confusion. I used a nipple shield for 8 weeks. Also, lose the clock! Feed her when she's hungry, not every 3 hours. Find a different lactation consultant, and see if you cant find a La Leche League near you. Also, please email me - [email protected] want to help!! You CAN b___stfeed your daughter, I swear to you!


Rabbits07 - July 10

Jamie is right about the weight loss, it is normal. Breastfed newborns can be expected to lose 7-10%, with 10% being the max. Your baby lost almost 10% which is probably why there was concern. Different hospitals do things differently, but it is true that at such a young age they will start to prefer the bottle over b___st because it is easier to get the milk out. When b___stfeeding thay have to suck harder and initially very little comes out until your milk ejection reflex (or letdown); most women feel this as a tingling sensation, but some don't feel it at all. Try pumping just until your milk lets down before putting your daughter to the b___st, this way she will be getting alot of milk immediately. Sometimes the frustration of not being able to get much at first will start them crying and then even when the milk does come down they are so frustrated that they won't try the pumping until letdown. I hope everything works out since you really seem to want to b___stfeed. Sometimes the first few weeks can be really bumpy, just don't give up. Breastfeeding truly is a rewarding experience if it's what you want to do.


olivia - July 10

I agree with Jamie. If you really want this to work, lose the bottle or seriously cut back maybe just to a night bottle. Then nurse everytime the baby gets fussy. She should get back on track pretty quickly. She is just getting confused as it is two totally different ways of sucking. The shield will help get you back on track, then you can ween off that. If you can get a swaddle blanket, sometimes swaddling while b___stfeeding helps them concentrate better. You can get her back on track. The first 6 weeks of b___stfeeding can be hell -- and you aren't past that yet, it gets better, I promise! Push through and keep nursing, don't worry about weight if you have dirty and wet diapers. Good luck.


MelG - July 10

This is also the same with me. Had my DD on 6/30 and we started out well with breatfeeding at the hospital. my biggest problem is getting a comfortable position. I have plenty of milk, but because I had a c-section, I just can't get any position that feels comfortable for me or her. She can stay on my b___st for about 5 minutes before we are both exhausted. I've also been pumping and have plenty of milk which I give to her in a bottle. She is doing very well weight wise but sometimes the amount pumped is not enough and she wants a little more. It's at those times that I try to switch her over to my b___st and it always ends up in frustration. My back is hurting, she's crying, and it feels like such a failure. So back to the pump I go each time but it is wearing me out. I've had problems with positioning since I was in the hospital. Sometimes I would get lucky and it would work but it's because the hospital bed had nice rails on the side for support and a ton of pillows. I can't replicate that with my couch or bed at home and it's always uncomfortable. I wish there were some help for this as I feel like I'm tied to the pump and my little DD gets so frustrated when I try to do things naturally.


Nita_ - July 10

Thanks for all the encouraging words ladies!! we went in for a weight check today and she was 7lbs 13oz (today is 2 weeks for her). That was really good news for me. Yes, I do want to lose the bottle, so **lindsay** where did you buy the 'nuk' nipples? I'm trying to find them at babies r us or target but aren't finding any. Please help!


lindsay - July 10

that's odd you aren't finding them.. especially at babies r us.hmm... i've seen them at target, babies r us, walmart, grocery stores, k-mart... but my mom did have a hard time finding the stage 1 ones for newborns.. i guess they are popular..but i did get mine at babies r us... keep looking, they are out there.. gerber makes them,. good luck!


AlissaF - July 10

I too have had some difficulty b___stfeeding. I found that my nipple shield works wonders... I am now trying to wean him off of it. My son also had severe jaundice and also was a NICU baby, so he had to have bottle supplements to get him by. I insisted no formula and I also had them use my bottles and nipples while he was in the hospital. What I've found that works for my son is to feed as long as I can with the shield and then bottle feed using the playtex nipples. The nipples are very similiar to the nipple shield and he hasn't had a problem with nipple confusion. Good luck!


kellens mom - July 10

I had trouble getting my baby to latch too. We finally had to bait her by putting a few droplets of formula on her tongue and on my nipple. She finally took to it. I think you are doing great on the baby's weight. Our baby was down nearly a pound 3 weeks after birth. But we had a lot of problems with Jandice (ABO Blood type incompatibility). Keep going. You may not think she is getting enough, but she probably is. Our baby did not get good a nursing until she was 6 weeks old. Now she is a pro. If you can try to get rid of the bottle. Maybe pump before nursing to ensure you have let she will not get frustrated. Best of luck.


Tillie - July 10

Hey Nita! I'm so glad to see you here! Hang in there; b___stfeeding will get easier. You're doing a great job and you are obviously dedicated to b___stfeeding your little girl, which is so wonderful! It sounds like things are better already. I hope they keep getting easier. Have you posted your birth story, btw? And have you seen Moobaby anywhere? She disappeared!


ElizabethL. - July 11

Hi Nita, I had lots of issues breatfeedind at first also, I have flat nipples and needed to use the b___st shields. The shield worked wonders for me and I really think I could not have continued nursing my baby without them. Please do not give up , nursing is such a wonderful expierence once you get the hang of it. I know it can also be very fustrating, but in the end it really is worth it. My daughter is six months old now and is still b___st fed primarly and I am still using the b___st shields to help her latch on.



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