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Beth - February 19

I posted this at br___t feeding forum too but that is sometimes slow so if anyone can help....I had my son on the 14th and I don't think my milk is in yet. What should I do? My br___ts did get very heavy and they started to hurt yesterday. When I squeeze my nipples there is white coming out. Is this my milk? Its just that I am not leaking and I don't know if my son is getting anything....Any input helpful!


Heather - February 19

Most people get their milk in in about 3-5 days. When your baby is nursing, can you hear him swallowing? Does he seem satisfied after he nurses? How many wet & dirty diapers is he having per day? This information can start to answer your questions. In the next couple of days, your b___sts may get sore. When your baby is 2 weeks old, he should be within an ounce or 2 of his birth weight (he probably lost a few ounces - around 6-8) after birth. Don't give up on your b___stfeeding. If you are really concerned, think that the baby is not getting satisfied, call your pediatrician, or a lactation consultant before supplementing. Try to get baby to nurse as much as possible, this will help you build up a good milk supply!!!!


Lisa - February 19

I never felt my milk come in like everyone says your suppose to for me it never hurt and my b___st have actually gone down in size since birth. My son was 5lbs 15oz at birth now at three months hes pushing 15lbs so hes fine. Breast milk can vary in color tints of yellow, blue, green are common. My milk looks like skim milk sometimes with a blueish tint. Hope that helps


KrisD - February 20

My milk came in 4-5 days later. I could tell when it came in, but for some it is more subtle. Just keep counting those wet diapers from the baby - you will know if she's not getting any liquids if she is not wetting enough. I believe they say 6 wet diapers, but I know that mine had more than that.... 8 or so... Also, I never leaked too much at all, but did get engorged... And Lisa is right, the milk really varies in color!



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