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Heidi - October 22

Has anyone ran out of milk at two weeks? I've been pumping twice a day after feedings and last night my baby woke up crying so I tried feeding her. My br___ts were shrunk but I figured it had been a few hours and she was getting milk as she kept sucking but every time she'd fall asleep and I'd move her she'd start crying again. I figured it was just gas but she kept it up so I finally thawed out some milk I froze the other day and she took it from the bottle really fast and then just zonked right out! So this whole time I had no idea she wasn't getting any milk but she kept feeding anyway. Anyone have this happen? I haven't pumped at all today for fear we'll be up again but at least I have some frozen if she's hungry. I don't know if I should be pumping this early yet or not?


M - October 22

Heidi, My milk just came in a couple days ago, and I have so much milk that I pumped 2 bottles yesterday, and one today so far. I really want to b___st feed for as long as possible, but your question frightens me. Please let me know how you are doing and if your milk is coming back. Thanks.


Bohnwin - October 22

Under normal circ_mstances, the more you "use" your b___sts, the more milk they make. I would keep pumping, even in between feedings, to stimulate milk production. If you have to suppliment with frozen milk or formula, do it. If it doesn't seem like you are producing enough milk, see your doc or midwife. They may be able to put you on some hormones that may boost your milk production. I am an avid advocate of b___stfeeding. I think it not only boosts the mother-baby bonding, but also the baby's immune system, and overall health. Anything you can do to enable this process will be of benefit to your baby.


Toya - October 23

I've been b___stfeeding for almost 6 months now and the only time I wouldn't make enough milk is when I wasn't eating enough or drinking enough. I found that very balanced meals and drinking water in between kept my milk production up. By very balanced I mean, for instance, when you eat a meal...have your whole grains, a fruit, a veggie, meat (or other high protein source), dairy. As far as beverages...water, milk, and fruit juice...all in one meal! You'll feel energized as a mother and your baby will LOVE your milk.


qwert - October 23

you got to eat well, sleep well and drink to your thirst. and try wearing a bra that's not tight at all.


Lissi - October 24

Heidi, I'm having the same problem! I've been making plenty of milk for the last 5 weeks, but my daughter just woke up for her 5 am feed and was getting frustrated when she tried to suck. In the end I gave in and made up some formula for her, and afterwards, I tried to pump some b___st milk. I usually can pump between 4-5 oz, but this time I barely pumped 2! I'm so worried, that maybe my milk has been slowly going down, and she hasn't had enough to eat all weekend! I don't understand why this is happening. I eat very well, rest whenever I can and drink plenty of water. Everytime I think I'm getting the hang of b___stfeeding it all goes wrong! I really feel like just giving up. :(


KH - October 24

they are probably trying to increase your supply b/c of a growth spurt. It is frustrating, but don't worry, you are making enough for the babe. Typical growth spurts are at 3 weeks and 6 weeks and then at 3 mos.


not fair - October 24

Ok now i'm really getting angry on baby never get enough from me all he does is suck and cry and i came to know that i don't have enough milk only when my husband told son started getting pale and couldn't sleep at all..i pump and i can't even get an ounce..i'm anemic and got ulcer too so i have to be picky about eating i'm vegetarian too but can't eat all vegetables, drinking water makes me drowsy.i tried herbs but no use.i ended up giving formula to my baby and he seems to be happier...i wish i could b___stfeed but every time i try he cries after sucking for few minuts..i really hate myself now reading ur posts


Emma - October 25

Try using drinking a tea called traditional medicinals organic mother's milk. You can find in any grocery store with a large organic section or any food co-op. My baby and I went through a similar situation. I think, after it was all said and done, that she was just going through a growth spurt, but drinking the tea, eating well, and getting enouh rest (that one is Really Important, although hard to do) helped us get through it a little smoother. Maybe try not pumping when she is going through a growth spurt, and feed her whenever she seems fussy. My baby eats every 1 1/2 - 2 hours some days. Good luck.


try - October 25

even if you think there is no milk in there try letting the baby suck still. It stimulates you to make more and giving a bottle right away only adds to the situation because your milk is not being stimulated. check the babies pampers to make sure he/she is peeing and pooping enough and you should be fine. When babies have a growth spurt it they will drain you and still act hungry thats their way of getting the milk even if it takes a couple of days.



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