Breastfeeding Vitamins

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Rabbits07 - May 12

At a recent appointment the nutritionist asked me if I was still taking my prenatal vitamin. I told her yes. She then stated that I only needed to take it once a week or once every two weeks, but didn't need to every day since I was no longer pregnant. This confused me....I thought the nutritional demands of nursing were similar to those of pregnancy. I know the caloric demands of nursing are actually higher. Do any other nursing mothers still take their vitamins daily? I still have been, but had someone tell me that I was probably overdosing since I wasn't pregnant.


LisaB - May 12

My doctor still has me taking prenatals through out nursing and also the dha supplement I believe its called Lipid. The pharma__sist said to keep on prenatals while nursing also. Its good for you as well baby.


Mary - May 12

I'm still taking my vitamins and my doctor told me that my baby still has to take an extra vitamin supplement as long as I was b___stfeeding. It's called Trivisol (sp?). Anyone else's doc has their baby taking that as well?


luvbendict - May 13

I am still taking prenatal vitamins and the enfamil lipil supplement (just like Lisa B). Mary, the pediatrician also told me to give my baby poly/tri vi sol with iron. Although I ve never given it to him anymore cause I gave him once and he got bloody stools so I just stopped it completely.


Lisastar9 - May 13

I took the prenatal till the bottle was gone,as for trivolsol for baby never have and never will.


Rabbits07 - May 13

My baby's pedi did tell me that if I was still nursing at his 2 month checkup that he would prescribe him a vitamin supplement and flouride supplements.


jessielouwho - May 17

I still take my prenatals everyday and just started the baby on poly vi sol w/ iron as recommeneded by his pediatrician.


olivia - May 17

I did not take them while nursing. I am on them again for another pregnancy, but I was so tired of taking them and feeling sick so I never did (and was never told I had to). We also were never told my dd needed floride or vitamin supplements while exclusively nursing for 6 months. I guess they all have different opinions?


Jamie - May 17

I did not and do not take any sort of vitamin supplement at any time during my pregnancy or my nursing relationship. Nor do I give one to my daughter. I found it rather interesting that all through my pregnancy, all the doctors and everyone spouted off about how healthy b___stfeeding is for baby, and then, at every doctor's appt she had, the minute I said she was exclusively b___stfed, the doctor tried to give me a vitamin supplement for her that formula-fed babies don't have to take. Either b___stfeeding is healthier, or it's not. If it's healthier, why do you need the extra vitamin supplement? It just makes no sense. The caloric needs of a nursing baby is only a 300 to 500 increase above the normal 2,000 calorie diet. Eat 3 regular meals a day, and add in 2 healthy snacks, and boom, you have your caloric increase. As long as you make sure all food groups are represented equally at each meal, and eat reasonable portions, you are giving your body all the nutrition it needs to sustain yourself and your child. As far as Vitamin D supplements, your baby gets all the Vitamin D he/she needs from 15 minutes of sunlight per week. As far as fluoride - I haven't found conclusive evidence one way or another regarding fluoride - it is good for teeth, but it can also cause major problems if given in too large of a quant_ty. Rather than give her the artificially flavored and preserved fluoride drops as prescribed by the pediatrician, I make sure I drink 8 gla__ses of flouridated water per day. I make sure I cook with florudated water, and when I give my daughter water in a gla__s, it is florudated water. This is the same amount of flouride that she would have if we lived in the States.


Rabbits07 - May 18

From what I found through research on the internet vitamin supplements are not recommended for lactating women as long as they are eating a well balanced diet regularly. If they do not, a supplement is recommended for the mother's health as her body stores of nutrients will be used to enhance the b___st milk with all needed nutrients. I don't mind taking the supplement as I don't always eat a perfectly balanced diet. I thought Jamie made a good point about b___st babies taking supplements when formula babies don't and b___st feeding suppose to be so healthy. So, through further research on that I found that in most cases the only vitamin supplement that was recommended was Vitamin D, but as Jamie pointed out that can be received through adequate exposure to sun light. In most cases it did recommend that babies receive flouride supplements as flouride is not pa__sed through b___stmilk. However, flouride was not recommended until after 6 months of age. I will discuss these findings further with the pediatrician.


Angela in California - May 26

i am still taking vitamins as well as extra calcium



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