Breastfeeding Vs Bottlefeeding

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1st time mommy 2 be - January 5

Which is better? B--tfeeding or bottlefeeding...


lilmama - January 5

b___stfeeding is best for baby, but you also have to think about what is best for you, do you plan to go back to work? Do you want to get a babysitter every now and then? Some b___stfed babies will not take a bottle no matter what is in it, they dont like the nipple. I have a friend who is in this situation now, her baby wont take a bottle and she can not leave him for more than 30 min because he has to eat. If you dont mind the constant attention b___stfeeding requires, go ahead. Personally I bottle feed with formula, that is what is best for me. I can get a babysitter when i feel i need a break or if I cant get my baby out in the weather. (we live in North Dakota and it is way to cold to get him outside right now) Nobody can make the decision for you, you just have to decide what is best for you. Formula babies turn out just fine, by the way, its just that b___stmilk is what was naturally made for their tummies and is easier to digest


Kat - January 19

Breastfeeding is best for mom and baby. It is nature's way of protecting the baby and giving it things it needs. It also helps mom tighten up, lose weight and get back to "normal" more quickly. I am certainly not militant, though. Different things work for different people. Nursing worked great for me and my baby (after the first few weeks), but I agree that you have to do what is best for you.


chloe mingo - January 27

we are doing a survey on weather b___stfeeding is best or bottle feeding is best. can you help me? i am doing a GCSE course on health and social im realy interested in children and would like to be a pediatric nurse when i am older. can you help me with my course work?


Rose - February 3

Breastfeeding is without a doubt the best for both baby and mother. There are new studies coming out practically every day now that prove this. Breastfed babies are less likely to be obese or diabetic. A newer study show that b___stfed babies are 20% less like to die in the first year than formula fed babies. Not to mention, mothers who b___stfeed have the advantage of and easier time getting back into shape, a lower occurance of PPD, and are less likely to abuse their children. I suggest all women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant do their research and educate themselves so that they can learn to do what is best for their babies.


autum - February 3

b___st feeding is best, i b___st fed my son until he was 8 months old teeth came, but he was never sick, it's also a good bonding thing, although alot of time is taken out ofyour day, if you gp out you need to pump and the leakage is horrible, but all in all i loved it,


sanyta mcclain - February 9



Maleficent - February 11

i am 100% in favor of b___stfeeding. b___stfeeding does NOT mean you are tied to baby 24-7. my DD nursed untill she self weaned at 16 months and NEVER took a bottle and i got plenty of time out on my own. it takes more thought and preparation, but it was worth it.


Aimee Carela - February 18

It depends what your baby likes try both and see which one he or she likes best.Personally I think b___stfeeding is best for the baby


michelle - February 25

Breastfeeding is best.


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 2

the best site you will ever read on b___stfeeding vrs. bottle feeding, its a must read!


melissa - March 4



amber - March 8

b___stfeeding is certainly best.... However some times it doesnt work out right, with me I wanted more than anything to b___stfeed but my daughter wouldnt latch on because i have "flat nipples" so we had to go to bottle. My main reason for wanting to Breastfeed is the fact that it makes the chance of SIDS less.....the reason is b___stfed babies wake up more for their feedings because it goes thru them faster than formula.... Again, b___st milk is best, but if it doesnt work for you for some reason, DONT beat yourself up about it... for quite a while I felt like i horrible mother..... As far as SIDS, 6 weeks into her life, so far so good.... Best of luck....


allysmommy - March 28

I bottlefed my first child and i wish that i had b___stfed now but now with my second child on the way I am now faced with the decision again. This time i think that i am going to b___stfeed


betty - April 27



kim - April 29

I have two kids I b___stfed my first and bottle fed my second. Breast is always best. It has antibodies and the perfect amount of nutrition for your baby. It is a real bonding experience also. It is better for you too, it reduces your risk of b___st cancer and helps you lose weight after the baby. You also don't have a period when b___stfeeding, big plus. The downside is the baby will eat more often b/c the milk is digested easier. It is harder to do things b/c you have to hide to feed them. It can be uncomfortable when you become engorged with milk and some find it hard to dry up when ready to. I chose not to b___stfeed with my second b/c with one child already I knew I would have less time then before and b___stfeeding definately takes time. Some women love it others hate it, the choice is yours.


kim - April 29

I also wanted to say if you do decide to b___stfeed remember for most it doesn't just come naturally. It takes time for the baby to learn how to suck the milk out. It is harder for them to get food from a b___st then a bottle. The bottle just drips out, with the b___st they have to work much harder some babies are fustrated by this. I had trouble getting my son to latch on right which made feeding hurt. Once I knew how everything was fine.



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