Breastfeeding Weaning Guilt Need Support

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Gretta - January 3

I am weaning my dd who is 10 months this week. My supply is drying up and has been for ages and its taking way too long for my let-down to occur and its frustrating my dd and I am just ready to stop but I still feel guilty. Is this normal? Did other mom's have a hard time letting go br___tfeeding even though you were ready to stop? She was bf exclusivly until about 8 months when I started giving her a bottle here and there so I feel proud of that!


newbabyras - January 3

You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishment!!! I'm hanging on for dear life, even though it means pumping during the day at work, just so I can still nurse ds in the mornings. About once a week he'll nurse late at night (9or 10) and I cherish it. I can't believe how emotional and bonding it is to nurse... I never would have guessed it. It's especially hard with Walker now because he's so on the time for the bottle, let alone nursing. You got her off to a GREAT start - be very, very proud of that!


excited2bemama - January 3

I haven't weaned my 7 month old yet but I know where we get there it will be a little sad and a little releaving at the same time. You should be extremely proud of all the nursing you did. Yes nursing is wonderul etc but it can also be tiring and frustrating at times- Congrats on providing the very best thing that you could for your lo- b___stmilk!!!! Have you been on the LLL forums? They have one just for weaning... GL to you- I am sure I will be in your shoes in a few months and seeking advice!!


olivia - January 3

You did awesome! I weened my two both at about 8 months and felt a bit confused when the time came, but you did great. And when you pay for formula for the next 2 months you will know just how much money you saved too! You should feel very proud.


Gretta - January 3

Aw thanks ladies. I am so sad that my baby is growing up too quickly. Nursing was the best thing I have ever done and I will be sad when its over but I guess thats why people have more than one kiddo - you get to do it all over again LOL. Thanks for the support. Oh and Olivia - I am just finding out how expensive formula is and I feel like its pouring liquid gold down the sink when she doesn't finish a bottle.


lily10 - January 3

I too am weaning my dd who is 6 months old and it is so sad. I actually didn't nurse her for a day and a half and then I felt really guilty so I started to take fenugreek to try and up my supply. I wonder if I may not be ready to wean yet.... Working full time and pumping is really hard to keep up with. I am having a really hard time letting go of b___stfeeding and even as I write this I realize I may not be ready to let go yet. You did great Gretta!!!


Gretta - January 4

Aw Lily - you did great too! I know - its so hard and you second guess yourself - I skipped her night feed last night and she only nursed in the morning and this morning - so I guess we are down to one feed.


eclectic66 - January 4

Well I wasn't a successful b___stfeeder, but I dod go through a guilt and mourning process when I realized that I could no longer continue trying to b___stfeed. I had to go back to work at 6 weeks pp and since I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts I knew that it would be impossible for me to get enough breaks at work to pump and keep my supply going so I had to make the decision to stop and go to bottle feeding exclusively when ds was 5 weeks. I literally cried off and on that day, but things got bettr. I know this isn't the same since I wasn't b___stfeeding for a long period of time, but thought I would share my story anyway. GL!


Gretta - January 4

Eclectic - I still think about the nurses who took care of me in the hospital after I delivered my dd and was in for 7 days. You all deserve our support!



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