Breastfeeding Worry

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marimar - January 23

hi ladys,i`m br___tfeeding my 2 month old baby,and i like to get in a diet ,i really need loose a lot of weight,but i`m worry that i will no have enought milk,and that make me keep eating and eating.any ideas?


EricaG - January 23

I am b___stfeeding my daugher who is 6 months old and was on a 1500 calorie diet since shwas 3 months old. I've always had enough milk for her and she's growing like a weed.


EricaG - January 23

btw I am 134 lbs and trying ti get down tiy 125. I started the diet at 150.


Emily - January 23

You really shouldn’t diet so to speak while you b___st feed. You need the nutrients to produce good milk for baby. You don’t want to eat junk food all the time and you want to eat healthy. But don’t cut out calories out of your normal healthy diet. Nursing itslef will help you lose some wieght. Also you may beed a little extra calories to produce good milk supply. Just drink plenty of water, it really helps keep production up and just folllow a healthy diet with out cutting a lot of calories...


livdea - January 23

I totally agree with Emily. you definitely should NOT diet while bfing. I didn't diet or anything and by the time my dd was 6 months old I had lost all my pregnancy weight and then some. I follow a strict HEALTHY normal diet and even eat more then what I used to to help with my milk. well balanced is the way to go!


Erynn21 - January 23

I also agree w/ livdea and Emily you shouldn't be dieting I have lost my pregnancy weight and maintain a healthy diet, I pretty much eat the way I did when pg, I eat a lot of protein, veggies and I drink a ton of water. I think you should try to eat healthful nutritious proteins, whole grains and try to stay away from refined carbs. I was back in my larger pre-pg clothes about a month pp, now I can wear my tight ones at 4.5 months pp, but I still have a little flab, but to me that's okay, I have a beautiful baby from it. Good luck.


Lchan - January 23

I joined Weight Watchers when my baby was 4 months old. I've lost weight with them before and, because I was b___stfeeding, I got an extra 10 pts per day. It was heaven at first , but after I lost 4 lbs the first week my milk production dropped off dramatically. It took forever to get it back and I'm not as productive as I was before. I hate by body right now, but my son will be 1 in 3 months so I'm counting down until I can join again.


HEATHER - January 23

I joined weight watchers also when my daughter was about 4 months and when I did the next few months my dd wasnt gaining very much weight, not like she did in the begining. It took me about 3 months to realize that it had to be my watching what I was eating. At that time she went from being in the 15% to well under the charts!!! as soon as I started eating some more higher cal/fat foods she got back up on the charts. So I would be very careful!!!! ya know, the weight comes off even with out trying when b___stfeeding, I had lost all but 7lbs when I joined ww, but I had another 30 I wanted to lose... That didnt happen, I got preg while b___stfeeding, I am less this time around though..


SuzieQ - January 23

my doctor recommended light to moderate exercise and no dieting while b___stfeeding. I'm 158 right now, and want to get down to 135 by summer. I was 178 at the end of my pregnancy, so I'm slowly losing it :)



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