Breastmilk And Formula

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Lindsey - June 22

I am currently feeding my week old son with both formula and br___tmilk, I express my milk as often as possible but it's not enough to feed him for a day so I have to use formula at times aswell. The formula always makes him sick and gives him yellow poo, which i know is completly normal but does anyone else do this. I'm jus slightly worried i'm doing more harm than good by giving him both. The br___t milk is given via a bottle as I have inverted nipples.


pbj - June 22

Actually, more than likely the yellow poop is from your b___stmilk, which is usually seedy as well. Formula poo can be many different colors, but will usually be darker and firmer due to the iron. I have a friend who did both until her dd was a month or so old due to the fact she couldn't get much from pumping. Her daughter is now 9 months old and exclusively b___stfed since. I don't think there's any harm in it considering your nipples are inverted and you really want your child to have b___stmilk. There is no harm in doing both, of course nazi b___stfeeders will tell you formula is the devil. It will more than likely take you a while until you can express enough milk to feed her for a full day, just be patient, it will happen...just make sure you keep pumping on a regular schedule. This means pump as often as your daughter would eat, meaning every 2-3 hours. If you decide to just formula feed know that your daughter will be just fine as well.


Shelly - June 22

I agree with pbj,also when you pump you may want to try to drink a gla__s of water with it,it helps with your supply.I fed my son both since he was 10 weeks old and now (10.5 months0 he is formula fed and very healthy!!!


Jamie - June 23

BTW, you CAN b___stfeed with inverted nipples. I did. All you need are nipple shields. They are soft and plastic, and easier for baby to latch onto. Extended use will draw out your nipples. I'm not sure what stores sell them, but I know most lactation consultants have access to them. Seriously, if you want to b___stfeed, you should try them - then you could get rid of the formula altogether.



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