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bean - March 15

Hello everyone. I'm 34 weeks and getting ready to do my "big Walmart" shopping trip before the baby comes. I would greatly appreciate some advice as to what brands you prefer. Specifically - what kind of br___t pads (nursing pads) are your favorite? Where on earth do I buy gripe water? Can I use Dove or Olay soap on baby, or do I have to buy a baby wash (if so what kind)? What about moisturizers or lotions? Other than diapers and wipes, is there anything else I'm forgetting? Thank you!!!


Linneah - March 15

I bought my b___st pads from Walmart they are from Curity in a pink box, they work fine for me, no complaints. My son has somewhat of dry skin, but his pediatrician said not to use alot of soap on his skin because that may dry him out also. But if he really needed a lotion, to use one thats unscented and don't use alot of it. Gripe water I found at I asked the pharmacist at Walmart and she didnt know what I was talkig about. . Another tip enjoy your sleep, I get 2-3 hrs a day. And trust your instincts, I was in labor ,contractions were about 7 minutes apart,and went to the hospital they sent me back home and told me to come back if I still felt pain. I came back 5 hrs later and I was fully dilated and unable to get an epidural. But I would do it again without one, so I guess it sorta worked out for me. I hope this helps and Good luck to you.


Heidi - March 15

I've tried Gerber and Johnson & Johnson b___stpads and Johnson & Johnson are the best if you ask me. I hated the Gerber ones. they moved around too much and weren't very comfy. The J&J ones are contoured. I got tons of little soaps from my shower. Mostly Johnson & Johnson baby wash, lotion, just look in the baby isle or the lotion isle. Make sure you get baby soaps/washes as they are made for your baby's skin. The adult stuff is probably too harsh and will dry their skin out or make them break out. There are a lot of brands out there for baby wash and lotions that all vary in prices but if you're unsure, stick with Johnson & Johnson products. Don't forget to buy a tube of diaper rash cream!!! I used Desitin but there's many kinds out there but this is the most common I believe. You can experiment if your baby ever gets it and one doesn't work. You might have to try more than one brand as every baby is different. Not sure about the gripe water. I used the gas drops but they didn't work all the time. Ask the pharmacist at Walmart. They might have it there. I never did look. I know you can buy it on line too or maybe Walgreens has it?? I thought I saw it on the shelf one time. Make sure you have some Lanolin lotion for your b___sts as they might crack. I have the Medela Lanolin stuff that came with my pump but Target sells it and Walmart might too. You don't have to wash it off before you nurse. Look near the b___stpump supplies as I think there are other brands too but make sure you get something you don't have to wash off.


TRP - March 15

Hi bean. I used Curity nursing pads. I've never even heard of gripe water, what is that for? I ended up having to use Dove soap on my daughter because she got baby acne. I used the baby wash and I think that and putting lotion on her caused the acne. Her pediatrician said that they don't need lotion on their skin until they're older because it clogs their pores. Anyway, a good diaper rash cream would be good to get if you haven't already gotten some. Other than that, the basics will do. One thing that was great for me was the bouncer seat. You should think about either that or the swing for your baby. They love them and it gives you time to get stuff done around the house or just to relax. Good luck and congrats!


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 15

Nursing pads I liked the Gerber ones. They were really absorbent. Gripe water,....never used don't know. With lotions, I would use the Aveeno baby. Their skin is very sensitive when they are born, so I always use the Aveeno baby for the first few months. Diapers....Pampers Swaddlers are the best for new babies. They are in the yellow package...not the green. Don't make the mistake I did. Swaddlers stretch real well and hold alot and feel like cloth (kinda). Baby wipes....I only use huggies. That is just my preference. They feel softer and not so.....wet....can't really describe it. If you are getting detergant...get either Dreft (kinda expensive) or just get the from All. There is one that is dye and perfume free. Works just as good and is a few dollars cheaper.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 15

yes Heidi is right on the b___st pads...sorry....yes Johnson & Johnson are the best. They are contured and alot softer. Forgot about those. I perfered those of the Gerber ones. And they do sell them at Wal-Mart.


pbj - March 15

I'm not nursing anymore, but I liked the medela b___stpads the best, but I don't think wal-mart sells them...I got them at babies r us. Never used gripe water...never even heard of it ti I came to this don't know. I use Johnson & Johnson baby wash because I got so much of it at my shower, but I've used the aveeno and like that too, but it's fragrenced so you may want to wait to use something like that. I like pampers wipes (sensitive) & diapers (swaddlers not baby dry). A&D ointment to prevent diaper rash and it also removes cradle cap. My dd hasn't had diaper rash yet, could be the A & D (I put it on at almost every diaper change and I usually don't change her at night. (she sleeps at least 10 hrs) I've heard desitin is the best for diaper rash so I have some ready when the time comes. Good luck...this is the fun part!


Shelly - March 15

Exactly what PaigeMeagans Mommy said,and the gripewater you can get it at Wal-Mart (ask pharmacy b/c it is hard to find) or a nutaral/health store.And get you some Mylicon drops,as most babies are ga__sy.You will thank me for that one when you have a crying baby at 4:00 AM!!!


Ameyas mom - March 15

Hello bean Gripe water is found in the pharmacy at walmart by the infant juice. You shouldn't use it till later on if at all but that is where it is. When my milk came in I had so much that nursing pads were not enough so I used Always pads and then switched to even flow nursing pads they have an adhesive back. I use an all natural soap that you can't buy at a store it comes from a lavender farm but don't use anything with a smell. I also don't use wipes unless I'm out of the house at home I use a wash cloth the wipes are cold and tend to be uncomfortable because of how cold they are. I also use pampers swadlers they are great. But don't use regular soap dove has baby soap that is really nice. I also give her a nice bath every night to relax her before bed and then ma__sage her body with cream she really likes it. You should also get the baby vasoline to use after every change so that cleaning their bum is easier it won't stick that way and helps to prevent any rash.


JEN - March 15

Here is a list of the things I LOVE: 1. Pampers swaddlers 2. lansinoh b___st pads and nipple cream 3. colic-calm gripe water(on the internet only) 4. Johnson and Johnson bath stuff 5. Target has a wonderful generic of Dreft for about 4-5 bucks Hope this helps and good luck!!!!!


olivia - March 15

Don't forget to stock up on maxi pads. I had to send my husband out to get them after I had an emergency c-section and had not stocked the house. He was a little embarra__sed and bought me some pretty mega pads. So have in stock what you like, expect a little heavier flow than normal. I used lansinoh pads and lanolin. You will find out quickly that none of the b___st pads are perfect, each brand has something annoying about it. The hopital send us home with ivory soap. They said it was perfect for a baby. You won't want to wash your baby too much to start, it can dry out their skin, but the ivory soap with water is good for cleaning up the early poop, a little vasoline for the bottom that first week is good too.



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