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olivia - June 16

I am going to a lake cottage in Maine for the 4th of July and there are tons of mosquitoes and black flies up there. Does anyone know a bugspray that works well? My daughter is 10 months old. It feels strange to think of spraying an insect repellent on her when I have spent so much time protecting her from chemical stuff. I can't keep her under a net or anything because she is just too busy. Is the spray safe to use?


HANNAHs Mom - June 16

I forget what age bugspray is okay for babies....I used Avon's Skin So Soft with my first dd....it is a lotion/oil that supposedly repells mosquitoes/bugs.


bbelmore - June 16

I don't know if you have watkin's where you are, but it comes in a lotion and works great!


olivia - June 16

They probably have Watkins up in Maine, it looks like fishermen use it. I have tried Skin So Soft but it never worked well for me so I am not sure if it will be strong enough. The bugs up there are pretty blood thirsty. I hadn't thought of lotion instead of spray though so this helps!


Nerdy Girl - June 16

Try Natrapel. It's DEET free and supposedly safe for babies. I have bought it before at Babies R Us and Target. I have not tried to find any of it this season yet because I still have some left over from last summer. I used in on my then-2-year-old and also on me. I was preggo last summer and was afraid to use DEET on myself. Like I said, I think you can get it anywhere, but here is the website ---- http://www.tendercorp.com/natrapel.html


Rabbits07 - June 16

You can use any repellent that contains DEET and that only up to 30%. You can minimize her exposure by putting dressing her in light-weight long sleeves and pants and applying the repellent only to exposed skin (but not hands as they go in their mouths too much.) Also, you should not apply it more than once a day as it is not water soluble and will not sweat off. Wash off at the end of the day with soap and water. If I remember correctly Olivia, you are pregnant and DEET is not recommended for use by preggos, so use caution when applying.


Rabbits07 - June 16

BTW, I nkow alot of bug repellents contain lemon eucalyptus, but everything I've read states it should not be used on children under 3. It seems like since it is natural it would be safer than the chemical DEET, but all I've read says DEET for babies. Go figure.


desiree - June 16

Hi guys, I was going to ask the same question, I wanted to know about a more natural approach to repelling bugs. Does anyone know if lemon or citronella are effective? The mosquitos out here are like helicopters, and my 15 month old son is very allergic.



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